2013 Football Recruiting: Gators Lose Tre Bell, Rod Johnson; Did They Ask One To Decommit?

Last week, the Florida Gators lost both defensive back Tre Bell and offensive lineman Roderick Johnson. The two decommitted within a matter of days of one another and one has already found a new home. Then the rumors started. Did the Gators ask one to decommit?

Johnson is no longer a member of Florida’s 2013 recruiting class and one reason leads the way: the resignation of wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill. Bell, however, may have been asked to move on.

The Gators have wanted to see Bell work out for some time and that didn’t happen over the summer. Bell’s last chance may have come at Friday Night Lights, but his high school coach advised him not to work out at the camp. That’s when Florida decided to cut the cord. The Gators still have a few other defensive backs they’re looking at and if they couldn’t see Bell live in action, then they would move on to other options.

This is one of those could be true/could be completely false situations, but either way it paints a bad light on Florida’s coaching staff…

…for the fans of other schools. No one likes to admit it, but this happens all the time at every program in the nation. It’s akin to “here’s a scholarship offer, but you can’t commit yet because we’re waiting to hear from Player A first.” It can seem like a shady practice, but it’s in line with about everything else that goes on with recruiting. Florida’s focus now becomes filling the two new spots they have. (Well, three.)

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