Bradley Beal Has No Objections With Being Drafted By The Cleveland Cavaliers

If LeBron James were my favorite player and the Miami Heat my favorite team (which he is and they are), I think I’d be a little wary about being drafted by LeBron’s former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the NBA Draft. However, that’s not the case for projected top-five pick and former Florida Gators’ star Bradley Beal.

On Monday, the former Gator joined a Cleveland radio show to discuss the possibilities of ending up a Cavalier. While Beal is known to be a big LeBron James and Miami Heat fan, he didn’t rule out the Cavaliers as a possible landing spot, as many of us passionate fans would. No, Beal took the classy route and even said playing with Cavs’ star point guard Kyrie Irving would be a great benefit to him.

“I believe playing with Kyrie would benefit me as well. He’s a true point guard. He can score, he can pass and he can pretty much do it all.” – Bradley Beal, Former Florida Gators Guard

Sure the possibility of Beal not being drafted by the Cavs is still high, especially since the Cavs are reportedly eyeing Harrison Barnes, but that doesn’t stop Beal from looking forward to a possible Cleveland team with last year’s Rookie of the Year. Beal applauded the whole team’s talent, saying Irving has “great teammates around him as well.”

Though Beal was aware of Cavs’ coach Byron Scott’s reputation with developing guards, he wants to develop a good relationship with whichever coach he lands with.

“Where ever I get drafted I’m pretty sure I’m going to click with the coach as best as I can to develop a relationship with him.” – Beal

According to Beal, among the aspects of Beal’s game that he wants to improve are his lateral quickness and ball handling. He also hopes to develop himself into a combo guard.

On June 28, Beal will be the 33rd player to be drafted to the NBA out of Florida. Despite the whole getting drafted thing, the 28th is already a big day for Beal; it’s his birthday.

We wish the best for Beal once he’s drafted and thank him for the great year and memories he’s provided the Gators. He is truly a special player, and will always be a Gator to us. Good luck, Brad!

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6 Responses to Bradley Beal Has No Objections With Being Drafted By The Cleveland Cavaliers

  1. Would like to see him take No. 23 with the Cavs.

  2. If he falls that far. A lot of talk he could go No. 3. Some even say No. 2. I have a hard time thinking Barnes should go above him.

    • Evandagator says:

      Yes, I’m feeling that he’ll go to Washington. Hoping too. Keep him on the East Coast with a pretty good PG in John Wall.

      They’d be crazy to pick Robinson. That’d be the bust of the draft.

      • One of these days I’ll actually find a favorite NBA team and care about where people get drafted. Maybe I’ll just follow Kasey Hill’s career and go with whatever team he ends up on one day.

  3. Howard44024 says:

    As a Cavs fan I would like to wish him well no matter where he plays. Very talented and seems like a classy young man.

    Good Luck Mr. Beal

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