2013 Basketball Recruiting: Chris Walker Has Confidence, A Lot Of It; And We Like It

I’ve always found it humorous when people complain about athletes being cocky. To play at a high level, you must have a certain amount of confidence. Whether that’s “cocky” or not doesn’t really bother me. Future Florida Gators basketball player Chris Walker has confidence, a lot of it.

When Walker committed to play for Billy Donovan at Florida, he guaranteed a national championship would be coming to Gainesville. Now, Walker is hinting (and it may not be a hint, it may be an outright declaration) that he will enter the NBA Draft after only one season with the Gators.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to Florida fans. We may hate the one-and-done rule for selfish reasons, but it happens and with a player of Walker’s caliber, it’s sometimes almost a guarantee.

That’s a guarantee Walker can fulfill on his own. The national championship is one he’ll need help with. The Gators are bringing in plenty of talent around Walker, including classmate Kasey Hill, but you don’t win championships with potential. We’ll take Walker’s championship guarantee and enjoy his confidence, even if it will only be for one season.

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