Erving Walker’s Stolen Taco Costs The Former Florida Gators Guard $301

Former Florida Gators guard Erving Walker knows it was a mistake to steal a taco from a street vendor on March 30. In addition to the lesson he hopefully learned, Walker’s wallet is now substantially lighter because of the theft.

On Thursday, Walker pleaded no contest to the charges stemming from the stolen taco. He was ordered to pay $301 for what ultimately was a $3 taco. The other charge – resisting arrest without violence – was dropped as part of the agreement for the payment to be made.

“It was just a silly mistake.” – Erving Walker, Former Florida Gators Guard

A mistake Walker is sure not to make again. After the vendor handed Walker the taco, he ran and continued to after being approached by a police officers. He was eventually caught and claimed he was just kidding around and wasn’t really stealing the taco. It ended up being a fairly expensive joke; one we hope Walker has learned from.

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