First 2012 BlogPoll Released; Florida Gators Ranked By Some, Not By All

Let’s pretend it’s not May for a moment. It’s a good thing to pretend in that it might keep us all from losing our minds as we continue down the long road of wait. The 2012 college football season is far from its beginning, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Among those things to keep us entertained are polls released much too early, hoping to determine where teams should be ranked and who the favorites for the national championship are. We’ll go crazy questioning the point of polls released this early, so for a moment, let’s move a few months into the future and convince our minds we’re looking at this in September.

The Bull Gator has a vote in the BlogPoll, but didn’t cast a ballot in this preseason version. It’s not because of what was implied above – that this is just too early to go through this exercise – but instead because 10:30am on Wednesday crept up completely out of nowhere with no warning whatsoever. Missing the deadline may actually give us a free pass because we don’t have to determine where Florida would have fallen. The Gators could be a team planted somewhere in the 20s.They could also find themselves out of the top 25 altogether. Overall, they did just that.

In the compiled set of rankings, Florida wasn’t to be found. The Gators found themselves in the “Others Receiving Votes” section at what would be No. 27. Since we don’t typically count hiring than 25, that gives Florida an official rank of NR. However, there were some that believe NR is too low for the orange and blue.

Among those were Alligator Army with Florida at No. 24 and Tomahawk Nation – a great site by the way and one of the best to visit when you need to catch up on the competition – who put the Gators at No. 20. Their own Florida State Seminoles are much higher in their entry at No. 9 and the USF Bulls even make an appearance at No. 24.

Some will say No. 20 is too high, while others will say it’s just about right. It’s doubtful many will say it’s too low with so many questions still to be answered, but all-in-all it’s acceptable. Regardless, of what fans may think of the polls, being ranked is always nice. It lends to a certain amount of confidence even if you’re in the bottom half of the top 25. I won’t go as far as to say it provides justification or credibility, but I’ll settle on confidence. For now, I’ll thank an enemy of sorts and roll with No. 20.

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