College Gameday Commercial Fan Vote Reopens; Vote For The Florida Gators

ESPN has reopened the College Gameday commercial fan vote after controversy threatened to rock the entire contest. We should really define controversy before we go any further. Or clarify that it wasn’t really much of a controversy at all, but just a situation where some clever individuals may have found a way to vote and vote and vote and vote again.

If you missed the ability to have your vote counted more times than you could actually cast a vote, you can do that now, but odds are it will only be counted once. Now you’re probably wondering what you are voting for. Geez, must I explain everything to you people?!?

So, ESPN films commercials (surprised you didn’t know that) and they’ll be filming one at a college campus sometime in July or August to promote College Gameday. Between now and Thursday, May 10, you can vote for Florida to be that campus. Realistically, you can vote for whichever school you want to be that campus, but I’m having a hard time understand what good reason you could have to spurn the orange and blue.

Vote here or here or here.

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