Gators Defensive Lineman Leon Orr Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana

Filed under “we all did stupid things when we were young,” Florida Gators defensive lineman Leon Orr was arrested on January 10 for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of narcotic equipment. Orr was arrested after a University Police Department officer found a bag containing marijuana during a search of the lineman’s dorm room. Formal charges are pending until Orr is arraigned on February 8. Florida head coach Will Muschamp has apparently handled the issue internally.
I’m not promoting the use of marijuana when I say we all did stupid things when we were young. I’m simply saying just that. While the use of “all” makes that statement less than entirely accurate, Orr made a mistake many do and has hopefully learned from it.
Arrests such as these typically evolve into discussions over the legalization of marijuana, but I won’t go there. All I will say is what I’ve said numerous times in the past; whether you believe it should be legalized, the fact remains that as of this moment – and the one during which Orr was arrested – possession of marijuana is illegal. Whether you choose to play by the rules or not is up to you, but you can’t be too surprised when you’re caught for violating them. Many of us have done stupid things, and many of us have paid the consequences.
For those keeping count at home, Orr’s arrest is the eighth for the Gators under Muschamp. No, that isn’t a good number.
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