Florida Gators Video Of The Day: Billy Donovan Drops Championship Trophy

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Who would have thought Billy Donovan, who played guard in college, would have such bad hands? Sadly, Donovan’s hands would be the demise of the Gators’ first basketball National Championship trophy. Well, not really.

Don’t be like Al Horford and freak out when you see the trophy crashing to the ground. Why? Because the Gators did not break THE 2006 Basketball National Championship crystal trophy since the one you see shattering was actually a fake. That came as a great relief to Billy Donovan and the students at the 2006 Midnight Madness. No, he didn’t break THE trophy, but it will still be a great memory of Donovan that we will keep for a while.

By the way, it was also a Friday the 13th. Was this Gators memory a curse? Or just a coincidence?

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  1. I’m starting to think – real or fake – we should never have crystal trophies of any kind at UF.

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