Matt Jones Commits to Florida, Happy Fun Dance Follows

If you’ve never seen the Happy Fun Dance, you’re missing out.  Few things in life can compare to it and it only comes out in those situations that really warrant it.  You must do it with caution because if not you can seriously hurt yourself.  Loud rap music is played, there’s ample bouncing around as if you have contracted some sort of rare fever, and there could even be a man hug or two.  The last time a true one occurred, Florida had just finished off Oklahoma to win the National Championship.  This time around it may not be of that intensity and joy level, but there’s definitely a little dancing going on.  The feet are moving almost as much as when the Gators picked up Percy Harvin.*

Yesterday, Armwood’s (Seffner, FL) Matt Jones confirmed his intention to attend the University of Florida.  This is good news on many levels and mostly because Jones is extremely talented at the football.  Like could be one of the top players in not only the state but the entire nation talented.  That’s not just TBG hopped up and excited talk.  That’s legitimate.  Jones is that good.  He’s 6’2”, 200 lbs. of power and speed.  He’s the exact type of back Florida has been trying to get for years, but has been unable to secure.  Expect him to add to his already impressive frame and be one of those that sees the field plenty right away.  Of course these are the Gators we’re talking about; plenty of players see the field often early.
We already have a man-crush on Jones.  We can’t help it.  The kid comes from Armwood.  Here’s what you need to know about what Armwood has supplied the Gators with recently: Torrey Davis, Matt Patchan.  Okay, okay.  Davis didn’t end up with the career we all envisioned, but his contribution to taking home the crystal ball only a few years ago was great and therefore he will always get a pass in our book.  As for Patchan, when he plays, he excels.  Problem is he doesn’t play too much, but we can give him some slack for the time being.  After all, he did get shot.  Unlike Plant (Tampa, FL), Armwood seems to like Florida and like sending some of their better players to the Gators.  Jones is the latest and could be one of the best.  As for the other reasons, well there are plenty.  Go watch a highlight video or two.  Head to a game this fall.  Check out Jones every chance you get.  Him good.  Oh so good.  Now we just have to wait 11.5 months for him to sign on the line.
* Harvin, Reggie Nelson.  Neither can do wrong.  You should know this by now.

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