Will Muschamp Follows In Gene Chizik’s Footsteps

Nothing surprises us when it comes to recruiting. Some of the most unbelievable rumors end up being verified on occasion. For instance, Auburn Tigers football head coach Gene Chizik’s approach when recruiting against the Florida Gators is laughable at best, but does become more humorous when a player tells us how it actually went.

Defensive end Jordan Jenkins – who would go on to sign with the Georgia Bulldogs – has claimed that Chizik told him that Will Muschamp “follows in his shoes.” Jenkins stated that Chizik brought up the stops at Auburn and Texas that both men had as assistant coaches. Is that really something that would sway a recruit to the Tigers? And if Muschamp is following in Chizik’s footsteps, is a national championship in Coach Boom’s future?

Recruiting can take an ugly turn when one school is trying to fight off others, but this isn’t ugly, it’s just fact. Does Al Golden tell potential Hurricanes that Jimbo Fisher was an assistant before he was the head coach at Florida State? Does Les Miles tell players that Nick Saban used to coach LSU?

Neither school wound up with Jenkins and we’re more than glad the star high school DE wasn’t telling this story as the reason he ended up choosing Auburn.

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2012 Football Recruiting: Stefon Diggs To Announce; Are The Florida Gators Still In The Race?

Five-star wide receiver Stefon Diggs is all set to make his college destination known to the world on Friday evening. The Olney, Maryland (Our Lady of Good Counsel) product has moved up his announcement to 6:00 PM and will doing so from the same place the Maryland coaches conduct their weekly radio shows. So does that mean the Terrapins are in for some good news? We’ll find out soon enough.

A recruit from Maryland announcing at a place where Maryland coaches talk Maryland football on a weekly basis. Signs may seem to point the way of the Terps, but as always we have to remember that recruiting is far from an exact science. For all we know, Diggs may still have some thinking to do and it’s not out of the realm of possibility to believe a surprise may be coming.

The Florida Gators are among the final four and fans of the orange and blue, Maryland, Auburn and Ohio State will be awaiting the news patiently (or impatiently to be more accurate). Each of the other three has plenty to offer even if Maryland does seem to be the hometown favorite at the moment.

Take a few minutes out of your happy hour on Friday evening to check your phone, pull up Twitter, or do whatever you have to do. Diggs will be a great addition to whichever program he chooses and all four would more than welcome him.

Florida’s D.J. Durkin Named Rivals Recruiter Of The Year

I’ve been hard on D.J. Durkin during his two seasons with the Florida Gators. During the 2010 season, the linebackers struggled and during 2011, special teams left more than just something to be desired at times. But I can swallow my pride and give the man credit where credit it due. On Monday, Durkin was named Recruiter of the Year by Rivals.

Durkin’s unit started to show life as the 2011 season progressed and definitely had their moments. I’m sure we’re all hoping 2012 is the season players like Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins reach All-American levels of play. Durkin’s biggest impact, though, may be happening off the field.

Durkin was credited for seven commitments in the 2012 recruiting class, including five-star offensive lineman D.J. Humphries and five-star defensive end Johnathan Bullard. He played a major role in kicking the door to North Carolina wide open. Durkin was also instrumental in keeping cornerback Brian Poole committed to Florida and following up with linebacker Jeremi Powell to ensure he would become a Gator.

2012 Football Recruiting: The Top 19 Recruiting Classes; Where Do The Florida Gators Rank?

Why 19 classes? Well, hold your horses; I will get to that.

Like most fans who visit this website, I am a HUGE follower of all things that have to do with college football recruiting. And also like most of you reading this, I find nothing more satisfying than seeing my beloved Florida Gators on top of the team rankings at the end of the recruiting cycle. I am not really sure why; after all, we all know that ranking a bunch of 18-year-old kids who have never played a down of college football is less than scientific and actually a bit idiotic. Regardless, we all love lists and if someone is going to make one, I want the Gators be on top! Sometimes we are even lucky enough to reach that goal, but most of the time we end up falling short (unless we are Alabama).

So now that recruiting is over for the 2012 cycle (well, except for when Stefon Diggs commits to the good guys in about a week), it’s time to look back at the various recruiting sites and see if we can’t come up with a consensus list of the best-of-the-best classes. To start this process, we must select the recruiting services we will use. For my analysis, I used Rivals, Scout and 247Sports. Not only are these three of the top recruiting services in the nation, but they assign a score to each recruit and therefore each college’s class received not only a ranking but also an individual score. ESPN also has a good recruiting service, but I was only able to find their final team rankings without an actual score assigned for each class, so they’re left out of this analysis.

The reason why having a score is important is because in my analysis I am attempting to grade the various classes on a curve. We all remember when we were graded on a curve in college and not being able to stand the brainiac who scored damn-near 100 on every single exam. The same theory applies here. For instance, if Alabama has the No. 1 class and has a total score of 3,000 points and Texas has the No. 2 class and has a total score of 2,999 then I would argue that both of those classes deserve an “A+” grade. On the contrary, if Alabama has a score of 3,000 and the next highest score is 1,500 then you would have to admit that the Crimson Tide were heads-and-shoulders above the rest and subsequently deserve a nice ass-kicking when they came out of study hall.

Another thing I looked for was consistency. I didn’t want to reward a school like Tennessee or Oklahoma State that appeared in the top 25 of one recruiting service but was left off of the others. Therefore, I only included those teams that appeared in the top 25 of all three recruiting services that I reviewed. What was left was the 19 best recruiting classes in the nation.

The final step was to give a number grade to each team for each separate recruiting service. This was actually fairly simple. Let’s take Rivals as an example. Rivals ranked Alabama as the top class with a score of 2,621. Second was Texas with a score of 2,481. Therefore, the Tide received a score of 1.00 in my analysis (2,621/2,621 = 1.00) and Texas got a score of 0.95 (2.481/2.621 = 0.95). So, if a team was ranked No. 1 by all three services, that team would have a total score of 3.00 and would have 100% of the total possible points. I did this for all 19 teams that appeared in the top 25 for all three services, combined the results, took the averages, and voila! (See the chart to the right.)

So there you have it; Alabama wins again! I am sick of hearing that, but it’s comforting that they didn’t come out on top by as much as one might think. Based on the above results, the Tide’s class is ahead of the Longhorns’ by only the slightest of margins. However, Alabama and Texas outdistance the pack by a good margin. The difference between 2.93 (Texas) and 2.78 (Ohio State) doesn’t seem like much, but it’s more than five percentage points.

Then there are our Gators. National Signing Day seemed like a kick to the stomach at times, but Florida actually did pretty well if we look at the entire recruiting cycle. The Gators finished the race in fourth place as the final team to receive a score of 90% or higher. And unlike most teams which are done with their 2012 classes, the Gators haven’t thrown in the towel just yet. If the aforementioned Diggs does indeed choose Florida on February 10, third place overall may be in reach for the orange and blue.

2012 Football Recruiting: Reviewing The Florida Gators Defensive Signees

We covered the offense earlier today and now we’re on to the defense. With Will Muschamp at the helm, it’s no surprise the Florida Gators’ 2012 recruiting class is heavy on the defensive side of the ball. The offense struggled mightily in 2011, so that raises some questions, but the defense appears to be in good order.

For just the list, click here. Rankings will be added to that list over time.

Willie Bailey, DB – The 6’1”, 165-pound Bailey is a tall, but lanky cornerback that fits the Muschamp mold. Dating back to his days at other programs, Muschamp likes tall, strong defensive backs. Bailey fits the tall bill, but we need to work on the strong part. He can play and has the potential to be a contributor, but will need to add bulk. Luckily he has time to do so. He will spend a season or two learning the system before seeing significant time on the field.

Jonathan Bullard, DE – When high school teammate Rhaheim Ledbetter committed to Florida many thought Bullard wouldn’t be far behind. Then analysts weren’t so sure and at one point it seemed like adding Bullard to the class was just a dream. The dream came true though when he put on a Gators’ cap. In Bullard, Florida got one of the nation’s top players and a tenacious defensive end that is equally skilled in disrupting the pass and run games. Expect to see him playing early in his Gator career.

Bryan Cox Jr., DE – The son of former NFL All-Pro Brian Cox, the younger Cox is one of three new Gators being mentioned in the same breath as the buck position. All three are listed at defensive ends, but all three could play there, at linebacker or in the buck role. If Cox is even half as relentless and dangerous of a defender as his father was, Florida is in for a treat.

Dante Fowler Jr., DE – Ah the drama of the recruiting cycle. Whether or not Fowler would flip from Florida State to Florida became on the big questions of this year’s class. An extremely desired prospect, Fowler committed to FSU very early in the process, but on National Signing Day made the switch. He’s another being mentioned as a candidate for the buck position and may have become Ronald Powell’s backup the moment he committed.

Damien Jacobs, DT – The Gators haven’t had a lot of luck with community college transfers in recent years. Their limited time in the program doesn’t typically allow them to develop quickly enough. Jacobs will attempt to reverse that trend and hopes to find a spot in the rotation immediately.

Rhaheim Ledbetter, DB – Mentioned as a linebacker at times, Ledbetter most likely settles in best as a safety. A hard hitter with good field speed, he could make an impact early in his career as a special teamer before making the transition to the defensive backfield. Along with Bullard, Alex McCalister and offensive lineman D.J. Humphries, Ledbetter is part of a great group from the state of North Carolina.

JaFar Mann, DT – Stephenson gave the college ranks a number of great prospects during the 2012 recruiting cycle. Among them was Mann. Despite the decommitment of high school teammate Mike Davis, Mann stuck with his choice and signed with the Gators. A big lineman, Mann has the potential to be a terror in the middle of the defensive line.

Marcus Maye, DB – Maye was a prospect that jumped up many boards as the cycle went on. Likely to make a contribution early in his career, Maye probably fits in best as a safety in the defensive backfield. Like Colin Thompson on the offensive side of the ball, Maye became a fan favorite for his recruiting efforts throughout the cycle. He wasn’t able to convince one of his best friends – Nelson Agholor – to pick the orange and blue, but that doesn’t make him any less of a Gator.

Alex McCalister, DE – A late pickup that was somewhat of a surprise, McCalister joins Cox and Fowler as defensive ends with potential to play the buck position. McCalister is the tallest of the three, but also has the lightest frame. His speed allows him to make up for his overall strength, but he’ll have time to work on his conditioning early in his career.

Antonio Morrison, LB – With great size already for a linebacker, Morrison should see mop up duty early. There’s nothing quite like actual game experience and he may get that thanks to his general frame. With all up in the air at the position once Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins move on, 2012 is very important to players like Morrison and Jeremi Powell.

Dante Phillips, DT – At 6’6”, 268 may be a little light for Phillips, but his quickness makes up for that. He’ll have the opportunity to add bulk and already possesses strength relative to his size. Not that 268 is small by any means, but Phillips has the ability to play with added weight. With many of the defensive tackles now upperclassmen, don’t be surprised if someone like Phillips is given time early to get up to speed in the college game.

Brian Poole, DB – Poole has every right to say “I told you so” if he wishes. If you followed the dreamland that is the recruiting rumor mill, you might have thought Poole was going to be an NSD switch to Notre Dame. He said he was committed then proved it by signing with Florida. All the Gators got was one of the nation’s best cornerbacks and someone that could play immediately.

Jeremi Powell, LB – Concerns over the academic side of things made it seem like Marshall had a real shot at getting Powell late in the process. He stuck with his commitment to Florida and will work hard to ensure he is eligible to be a part of the active roster in the fall. Powell is one of the feel-good stories of this year’s cycle. Be sure to take some time to read up about him.

Quinteze Williams, DE – The final member – alphabetically – of the recruiting class, Williams is the 92nd defensive lineman to sign with the Gators in 2012. My math may be just a little off, but it seems like there are that many. What’s amazing is that as more came aboard, those like Williams that committed early stayed the course. With many of the other defensive ends being looked at for the buck position, Williams will be a true DE. He possesses the size already to play end in the 3-4.

2012 Football Recruiting: Reviewing The Florida Gators Offensive Signees

Over the next four (or five years) we’re sure to look deeper at each player that signed with the Florida Gators as part of the 2012 recruiting class, but with National Signing Day now behind us we can take a quick glance now. The class may not be complete with Stefon Diggs waiting until February 10 to make his decision known, but the 23 strong make up the bulk of the class the will be judged over the next few seasons; and here is the offense…

For just the list, click here. Rankings will be added to that list over time.

Raphael Andrades, WR – The Tallahassee, FL product wanted to be a Gator. In fact, he wanted to play for Florida so much that he was considering walking on if he wasn’t offered a scholarship even though he had offers from Arkansas, Stanford and Vanderbilt. Andrades won’t blow you away with his rankings, but is a good addition to the class and a wide receiver with great hands. Known as a good route runner, he should pick up the offense easily.

Jessamen Dunker, OL – If feels like many forgot Dunker was part of this class the moment D.J. Humphries committed. Although Humphries is rated as one of the top overall prospects in the nation, Dunker is no slouch. The 6’6”, 315-pound offensive lineman has great size and strength and shouldn’t get pushed around at the college level. Like Humphries, he may be asked to provide immediate depth along the line.

Austin Hardin, K – Included here because he will mainly be looked at to add points to the scoreboard. Many wondered what the Gators got when watching Hardin struggle in the Under Armour All-American Game, but many factors contributed to his performance. He mentioned not finding rhythm with his holder throughout the week and was fighting off being sick. Under normal circumstances, Hardin has a strong leg and good accuracy and should be Florida’s kicker of the future.

D.J. Humphries, OL – The crown jewel of the class, Humphries was rated as high as second overall by some recruiting services (Rivals). At 265 pounds, he will have to add some weight to hold up in the SEC, but that may be the only “needs work” we can find. Humphries is a relentless blocker that could earn playing time early. 2012 will be a chance for him to adjust to the speed and size of players in the college game. In 2013, expect him to be inserted firmly into the lineup.

Matt Jones, RB – Committed for so long, Jones seemed to be the forgotten man at times. He ended up being the only running back taken as part of the 2012 class when Mike Davis decided to take his talents elsewhere, but he’s a great one in his own right (and one that seems to have his head on straight). Jones won’t wow you with breakaway speed, but he’s a power runner who isn’t afraid to do the dirty work. He could turn into the mauler of the group among the running backs and is expected to get carries early.

Skyler Mornhinweg, QB – A project of sorts, we shouldn’t expect to see Mornhinweg on the field for quite some time. With two true sophomores ahead of him on the depth chart, the new Gators quarterback has time to learn the offense and develop his game. An accurate passer and a tough player, he has potential, but we need a few years to realize it.

Latroy Pittman, WR –With Andrades, Pittman forms a formidable receiving unit. If Diggs is added to the mix, the receiving corps gets a big boost. The Gators held on to Pittman throughout the process and couldn’t be happier. When Florida didn’t get Nelson Agholor, everyone immediately turned to Diggs, but Pittman can make an impact as well. Expect him to be inserted into the rotation early with increased playing time coming in a season or two.

Kent Taylor, TE – The nation’s best tight end (according to Rivals) is the perfect complement to the other TE on this list – Colin Thompson. Taylor should fit the Cornelius Ingram/Aaron Hernandez role perfectly and will immediately push Josh Reed and A.C. Leonard for playing time. A good route runner and great pass catcher, Taylor is expected to provide much more than just blocking to the offense.

Colin Thompson, TE – The blocking from the tight end group could come from Thompson. More of a traditional TE as opposed to the hybrid type we’ve seen lately that is just as much wide receiver as tight end, Thompson will do the dirty work while the other members of the unit may get the glory. Thompson became somewhat of a hero among fans as the most vocally pro-Florida commit among the bunch almost immediately after he made his commitment.

Check back later today as we take a look at the defensive side of the 2012 class.

2012 Football Recruiting: Florida Gators Experience The Ups And Downs Of National Signing Day

Will Muschamp and the Florida Gators didn’t quite bring in the nation’s second-best class, but it was close and there’s still a chance for it to improve. At this moment, the Gators’ 2012 recruiting class ranks as high as third (Rivals) and as low as fifth (Scout). Even with National Signing Day coming to an end, Florida waits on one final prospect – Stefon Diggs. Diggs won’t sign until February 10, so we have plenty of time to reflect on the day the just was.

Overall, the Gators have a good class, but NSD left many wondering what could have been. Josh Harvey-Clemons choosing Georgia wasn’t a surprise, but his grandfather’s reaction was. Tracy Howard himself told us he was 100% ready to sign with Florida before visiting Miami. That one trip completely changed his world and Howard will play for the Hurricanes. Jake Meador, Schyler Miles and Vincent Valentine were all prospects expected to go elsewhere and they all did, but any of the three would have been a welcome addition to the class. Like some of the other signings, Leonard Williams to USC wasn’t shocking, but there was hope there. Go back a few months and you would have thought Avery Young was a lock. That all changed and after a blunder by whoever runs Georgia’s athletic site, Young signed with Auburn. And finally, there’s Nelson Agholor. It had long been thought the star athlete was down to the Gators and Trojans. As NSD approached, USC was rumored to be the leader. With each passing day it seemed unlikely Florida would gain his commitment. In the end, he headed west.

Reading that paragraph once is one time too many, but was it really all that bad? On NSD alone, the Gators added Dante Fowler Jr. and Raphael Andrades to the class. It’s also worth noting that Florida didn’t lose anyone. Then there’s Diggs, who many think the Gators will add. And, oh yeah, don’t forget that the recruiting cycle doesn’t just consist of NSD. All four major recruiting services have Florida’s class ranked among the nation’s top five. Top-five class, three five-star prospects (which according to Rivals ties Florida with Alabama, Stanford and USC for the most) and a real shot at another is something to be happy with. And we are; we definitely are even if there are questions.

Did Muschamp get the numbers he wanted? Did the Gators fill holes on the depth chart? Is there enough depth? When will Florida finally have a full roster again? Are the players the Gators did get being overshadowed by NSD despite the addition of a top recruit and another at a position of need?

Those of us that follow recruiting have a tendency to focus on who our team didn’t get when we really should look at who they did. Some of those questions above can be answered. The Gators could use more bodies and have a need at wide receiver and offensive line. Depth is easy to answer, but hard to do so accurately until we see how injuries impact the roster. There were definitely some misses, but also some hits. This is a good class, but one that could use more names. Four or five years from now we’ll look back and evaluate how it panned out and the success it had on an individual and team basis. For now, we wait for Diggs. NSD is over, but the door might not be shut just yet on the Gators’ class.

2012 Football Recruiting: Dante Fowler Jr. Switches To Florida; Five-Star Defensive End Spurns Florida State

Dante Fowler Jr. originally committed to the Florida State Seminoles in 2010. Yes, you read that right; the five-star defensive end was a member of the ‘Noles’ 2012 recruiting class for over a year. Despite that, he seemed to sway back and forth between FSU and the Florida Gators for most of that time. There were rumors he would eventually make the switch; then there were those saying he was 100% committed to FSU. Fowler himself added to the speculation by going back and forth. It almost seemed as if a different answer would come out every day. Then we arrived at National Signing Day and Fowler made his choice. The DE signed with the Gators and will wear the orange and blue.

On a day when many of the big names Florida was still in play for signed elsewhere, Fowler was the shining star. Not long after Raphael Andrades gave us a pleasant surprise, Fowler practically blew us away. He joined a class that already contained a large number of defensive linemen, but there are many different roles to fill. From 4-3 end to 3-4 end to defensive tackle to the buck position, there are a number of spots to fill. At 6’3″, 232 pounds, Fowler looks like another great fit for the buck. His talent is such that he may become the backup at the position to Ronald Powell simply by stepping foot on campus.

If you followed Fowler’s recruitment, the switch wasn’t entirely out of the blue, but that’s doesn’t make it any less important. The Gators added a great player when the announcement was made and grabbed a commitment from their biggest rival.

2012 Football Recruiting: Raphael Andrades Surprises; Florida Gators Sign Wide Receiver

Raphael Andrades would have walked on to the Florida Gators’ football team if he had to. On Tuesday night, he found out he would be able to play for the Gators, but as a roster member with a full scholarship. Needing help at the wide receiver position, Florida has long looked at Andrades, but the Gators weren’t sure how the rest of the 2012 recruiting class would pan out. As it became evident they would have room for him, they extended an offer and the Tallahassee, FL (Lincoln) WR couldn’t be happier.

“Orange and Blue was in my blood.” – Raphael Andrades, 2012 Wide Receiver

On Wednesday morning, as we were all caught up in all the is National Signing Day, a letter of intent came in from Andrades. It surprised most, but was welcomed by all.

Andrades is coaches by Lincoln offensive coordinator and former Gators’ star receiver Jacquez Green. The former All-American believes recruiting rankings don’t mean everything and that Andrades should do just fine at the next level. The 6’0″, 190-pound WR also had offers from Arkansas, Stanford and Vanderbilt, but had one school at the top of his list throughout the process.

2012 Football Recruiting: National Signing Day Open Thread

National Signing Day is finally here and teams across the country will look to finish the 2012 recruiting cycle strong. The Florida Gators are among those teams and come into the day with 21 commitments. Among those are a number of high-rated recruits like Jonathan Bullard and D.J. Humphries and those that say they’re 100% committed to Florida, but will receive a letter of intent from another school as well – Brian Poole. Today is a day of ups and downs and ultimately it will answer a lot of questions. A few will remain unanswered thoughout and force us to wait days or even weeks. For instance, Stefon Diggs – long thought to be a Gators lean – won’t announce his decision until February 10. Besides a select few, we’ll learn the destination of many others and this time around there are a good number of top recruits Florida is still in the running for.

How does the open thread work? It’s easy. Comment as much as you’d like in the comments section, but try to keep it to recruiting. I’ll be commenting there about some of the bigger stories throughout the day that don’t involve the Gators. As for Florida, I’ll be providing updates in the body of this post as soon as possible when news occurs. The latest updates will appear at the top. For example, the first one is up now. Throughout the day, the post will build, but the latest update I’ve posted will always be at the top. Enjoy!

LATEST UPDATE: After the Georgia disaster (?), Avery Young signs with Auburn.

Previous Updates

Nelson Agholor signs with USC. Sigh. One great big sigh.

No surprise as Schyler Miles signs with Kansas.

And just like that Georgia has removed Avery Young’s bio.

Lane Kiffin has mentioned Nelson Agholor by name and Georgia already has a profile page for Avery Young. If they weren’t already signed, sealed and delivered, those would be NCAA violations. The assumption is they have both already sent in their letters to USC and Georgia respectively.

Leonard Williams signs with USC. Plenty of rumors spreading regarding Nelson Agholor and Avery Young.

Jake Meador has signed with Wisconsin over Florida and Missouri.

The switch has been made. Dante Fowler Jr. signs with the Gators. The defensive end was a long-time FSU commit.

Tracy Howard has signed with Miami over Florida and FSU.

Wide receiver Raphael Andrades is the surprise commitment. Signed with the Gators.

Linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons has committed to Georgia.

Jafar Mann, Skyler Mornhinweg and Quinteze Williams have all sent in their letters to Florida.

Hearing Jeremi Powell’s letter is in.

Jonathan Bullard, Austin Hardin and Rhaheim Ledbetter have all sent in their letters to Florida.

Lots of smoke in the air that Dante Fowler Jr. will switch from FSU to Florida. Announcement comes around 10.

Gators now have signed letters from Brian Cox Jr., Marcus Maye, Dante Phillips, Kent Taylor and Colin Thompson.

The first LOI should be in. Alex McCalister was scheduled to send his in at 7:01 AM.

On Tuesday night, Ramsey, NJ (Don Bosco) defensive end Darius Hamilton committed to Rutgers over Florida and Miami.

National Signing Day Schedule

*The times indicate approximately when the players will sign their letter of intent or announce their decision. The times are typically for signing ceremonies; recruits frequently send in their letters much earlier in the day.

Alex McCalister, DE – 7:01 AM (Will hold ceremony at 8:30 AM)
Austin Hardin, K – 8:00 AM
JaFar Mann, DT – 8:00 AM
Jonathan Bullard, DE – 8:30 AM
Quinteze Williams, DE – 8:40 AM
Brian Cox Jr., DE – 9:00 AM
Josh Harvey-Clemons, LB – 9:15 AM (Receiving LOI from Florida, FSU and Georgia)
Marcus Maye, DB – 9:30 AM
Tracy Howard, DB – 9:50 AM (Receibing LOI from Florida and Miami)
Dante Fowler Jr., DE – 10:00 AM (Committed to FSU, receiving LOI from Florida and FSU)
Jake Meador, OL – 10:15 AM (Receiving LOI from Florida, Missouri and Wisconsin)
Leonard Williams, DE – 11:00 AM (Deciding between Florida, FSU and USC)
Matt Jones, RB – 11:30 AM
Schyler Miles, LB – 12:05 PM (Deciding between Florida, Kansas and West Virginia)
Nelson Agholor, ATH – 12:20 PM (Deciding between Florida and USC)
Brian Poole, DB – 12:45 PM (Receiving LOI from Florida and Notre Dame)
Vincent Valentine, DT – 1:00 PM (Deciding between Florida, Illinois and Nebraska)
Colin Thompson, TE – 1:30 PM
Kent Taylor, TE – 1:30 PM
Avery Young, OL – 2:00 PM (Receiving LOI from Auburn, Florida, Georgia and Miami)
Skyler Mornhinweg, QB – 3:00 PM
Dante Phillips, DT – 6:00 PM

The following individuals are already enrolled at the University of Florida: defensive back Willie Bailey, offensive lineman Jessamen Dunker, offensive lineman D.J. Humphries, defensive tackle Damien Jacobs, linebacker Antonio Morrison and wide receiver Latroy Pittman.