Aubrey Hill Resigns To Avoid Being “Distraction”

By now, you know Aubrey Hill has resigned from his position as the Florida Gators wide receivers coach. Hill – linked to the Miami Hurricanes scandal – cited personal reasons, mentioning that he didn’t want to be a distraction. While the Nevin Shapiro case wasn’t mentioned specifically, it’s easy to make the connection. The NCAA is investigating the situation and Hill is one of the primary players mentioned. In all honestly, it’s probably best for all that he’s no longer a part of Florida’s staff.

From a football standpoint, Hill was a pro/con type of guy. On the pro side, he was viewed as an outstanding recruiter and an up-and-comer on the recruiting scene. Hill connected with players and was able to bond with them throughout their recruitment. But there lies the rub as well. “Players’ coaches” aren’t always, well, good coaches (see: Ron Zook); and that’s the con side. Hill’s coaching abilities were questioned and it was widely wondered how far he could take the receivers. He could bring them to Gainesville, but beyond that everyone wondered.

Regardless, the Gators have now moved on and will employ a temporary solution for the time being. Graduate assistant Bush Hamdan – a former Boise State quarterback – will oversee the wide receivers for now with a heavy dose of mentoring by offensive coordinator Brent Pease.