Hate Tim Tebow? Well, You’re an Idiot

Let me start by clarifying that.  You can hate Tim Tebow the football player all you want.  It’s your right as a fan to “hate” certain players or teams and to “love” others.  You can even go through both emotions with a specific individual.  Every heard of Brett Favre?  So hate what Tebow does on the football field all you want.  Hate the talent.  Hate the passion.  Hate the jump pass.  Hate the crying.  Hate the post-game speech.  Hate the mock cell phone dialing.  Hate the Heisman Trophy.  Hate the national championships.  Hate all of it.  You are a fan.  You’re allowed.
But don’t hate Tim Tebow the person.  If you think he does all of this to create a certain public perception of himself then Tommy will come back there and hit you over the head with a tack hammer because you’re an idiot.  Tebow is one of those rare individuals that does good because he simply believes it’s right.  He doesn’t talk a big game and then not follow through.  Critics say he does good to enhance his profile, but it’s actually the exact opposite.  Tebow uses his profile to do more good than most people even dream about doing.  Athlete aside, he is a model of what a good human being should be and you can’t deny that.
Just take a look at the impact he made on Kelly Faughnan.  The 20-year-old Faughnan was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year.  After the tumor was successfully removed, she asked her parents if they could take a family trip to Disney World for the college football awards ceremony in hopes she would be able to see Tebow.  Well, Tebow did her one better.  He met Kelly and decided to take her as her date to the awards show.  How’s that for a moment to remember for the rest of her life?
And Tebow’s not alone.  I relayed the story of LSU’s Ciron Black a while back and I’m sure there are many others that don’t deserve your “hatred.”  Hate the uniform a guy wears.  Hate him for running over your favorite player on the way to the end zone.  But don’t hate the person behind the football player.  He’s may just do good because it’s right.  (H/T: One Eyed Willy)

Game Preview: Florida Gators @ LSU Tigers – 8:00

10 things for tonight’s Florida/LSU matchup…

1. Be prepared to be force fed concussion information all night. Think you heard a lot about Tim Tebow’s brain over the past two weeks, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There will be replays of the hit. Comparisons between his concussion and famous concussions of the past (Jim Leavitt started sounding like your great-grandfather when he yells after slipping on pickle juice and hitting his head on a kitchen counter…bet you didn’t know that). If Tebow doesn’t play, he’ll be shown no less than 1,000 times. If he does, 10,000. Start or not, John Brantley MCMXIV will get more TV time than LeGarrette Blount ringside at a prize fight. What concussion means (it has something to do with the effects on the mind Superman experiences when faced with kryptonite). And of course, if Timmy plays and doesn’t have the best game in the history of any college football player EVER, we’ll hear all about how he should be at home in his bunk bed snuggly under his Walker Texas Ranger sheets (Tebow sleeps on both the top and bottom bunks because he can).

2. Maybe Urban Meyer doesn’t give Emmanuel Moody as much time as a running back with over 10 yards per carry should get because he has him confused with this guy. If so, I get it. You can’t possibly carry a football with hooves. But if not, we’ll just assume the reason has something to do with the fact that Meyer can’t catch Jeffery Demps to tell him he’s not starting. In case you didn’t now, him fast.

3. Random Omarius Hines facts: Hines caught 23 touchdown passes as a high school junior and he likes Star Crunch Cosmic Snacks.

4. Deonte Thompson can catch the deep ball. Deonte Thompson will catch the deep ball. Deonte Thompson can say the deep ball. Deonte Thompson is the deep ball. Hamstring be damned. Deep ball.

5. LSU bruiser back Charles Scott rushed for more than 100 yards in four straight games before facing the lean, mean, orange and blue machine in 2008. Scott’s line: 12 carries, 35 yards, 2.9 per carry, 1 catch, 8 yards, headache, loss, disappointment. In 2009, Scott has done what he can to kill whatever draft potential he had. He has yet to have more than 95 yards in a single game and now faces the team that seems to know how to stop that train.

6. Apparently Tim Tebow has some sort of head injury. We’re not sure if it’s serious, but there’s a sick, twisted rumor out there he might not play. I blame the internet. This has to be some sort of elaborate web hoax, like, you know, global warming, the war in Iraq, or signs of intelligent life in Alabama.

7. Pouncey-Squared must take control of the offensive line. Keep Marcus Gilbert at least 10 years away from whoever quarterbacks at all times. Keep James Wilson on the field for the entire game (there’s no Matt Patchan to sub in; he caught a nasty case of the ACLs). Keep Carl Johnson knowing his job is that much more important if a right-handed QB is back there.

8. We like Ciron Black. Scratch that. We love Ciron Black. Ciron Black = good people. Tonight Jermaine Cunningham and Carlos Dunlap must make Ciron Black their personal play toy. We’ll resume loving Ciron Black on Sunday morning.

9. Pray for a Brandon Spikes unsportsmanlike conduct-induced punt shank. If we see #51 booting the ball off the side of his foot as fans everywhere run for cover, it means Florida is up big and LSU’s chances of keeping alive that streak of home, night wins alive have gone the way of a Ron Zook contract extension.

10. What’s that? Tim Tebow is hurt?!? Gotta go…

LSU’s Ciron Black, Man of the Year

I don’t give out a Man of the Year award. But if I did, I think I may have already found a winner in LSU offensive tackle Ciron Black.

You know Black as the massive left tackle who has started 40 consecutive games for the Tigers. You know him as the prospect that will most likely be selected within the top 10 picks of the 2010 NFL Draft. What you probably don’t know is that Black has a heart of gold and a huge fan in Mikey Conger.

In December of 2007, Black learned about Mikey’s battle with Leukemia through CaringBridge.org and wanted to see what he could do to help. Black posted a note on a message board for Mikey, giving him his phone number and telling him if he ever needs anything to call him, day or night.

Since that time, Mikey has gone into remission (a very good thing for those of you that may not know the ins and outs of cancer) and he and Black have become great friends. I can’t even imagine how excited Mikey gets when he and Black spend time together.

You don’t get a lot of stories like these when it comes to athletes, so cherish them when you can. I know I, for one, just became a much bigger fan of Ciron Black.