Me, A Tim Tebow Expert? I’ll Take It I Guess

I was recently asked to provide some insight into the legend that is Tim Tebow. Alan Schechter of The JET Press wanted to know what I thought of Tebow as an NFL quarterback. As a fan of the New York Jets – Tebow’s new team (Seriously, you didn’t know that? Sheesh!) – Alan wanted to know what a Florida Gators fan thought of the former orange and blue star and his prospects to be a passer in the NFL for the long term.

I don’t consider myself a Tebow expert (but thank Alan for referring to me as such), but I am a Tebow fan. I wish him nothing but the best for his NFL career, but I do have my own concerns regarding his ability to be a starting quarterback in the league. I believe he can be a key contributor and someone I would want on my team, but he wouldn’t be my first choice to be my primary QB. For more on Tebow, check out my full thoughts at The JET Press.

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10 Responses to Me, A Tim Tebow Expert? I’ll Take It I Guess

  1. Evandagator says:

    I’m hoping your only a Jet fan because Tebow is there. No other excuses.

  2. Brandi says:

    I can think of few QBs who I would more want to build my franchise around than Tim Tebow. 1st, he’s already shown repeatedly, that he’s a winner. 2nd, he’s shown repeatedly, that he is a Leader with few peers. 3rd, in any major sports franchise at any level, particularly Pro, with so much invested, those dreaded “off-field issues” can kill it. Fantasy Leaguers are quick to dismiss. But they’re quick to dismiss everything. Dismissiveness is their coping mechanism in life. The Owner or even head Coach, of a franchise absolutely cannot dismiss it. Does anyone seriously doubt that Jerry Richardson (owner of the Panthers) doesn’t dread getting a 3:30AM call? We all know Cam’s penchant for issues. No matter how good he might be on the field, one ‘Cam Newton Moment’ can tank the franchise for a decade. You have none of those concerns with Tim Tebow. You’re placing your franchise into just about the safest hands you could find.

    And we get to the final thing. Tebow is by far the most popular player in NFL history and he is for a reason. When you are building a franchise into a consistent winner, you need the Fans behind you. What better way than having the Most Popular Player to ever Play the Most Popular and important position as your franchise icon? These things matter…alot. That Tebow has always found a way to turn them into trophies is a bigtime bonus.

    • Evandagator says:

      Wow, I can think of a lot of players I’d rather have…but you’re right, a lot I wouldn’t want too.

      I wouldn’t say Tebow is the most popular ever, but he’s certainly up there as far as the last few seasons go.

      Your Pros of Tebow being quarterback certainly add up well. It’s true that he is a great leader, winner, and person. But it’s the other things that play into it too. He’s just not there yet as a quarterback yet. That doesn’t mean that he won’t get better given his work ethic.

      As for the part about Cam Newton, I don’t get that. Cam Newton has not had any discipline issues since entering the NFL, and I don’t understand why you would suggest so.

    • Thanks for the comment Brandi. We always like new people stopping by.

      You are right about Tebow being a winner and a leader. Those are great attributes and part of what has brought Tebow to where he is – about to enter his third NFL season as a QB. Many didn’t even think he’d last that long at the position at the professional level.

      I’m not dismissing any of those things you mentioned, but I also don’t think you can dismiss the fact that his passing needs to improve. The hits he takes will eventually catch up to him and he’ll need to improve his reads in the pocket and his ability to hit his receivers.

      Take the pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime to beat the Steelers for instance. Tebow dropped back, found the receiver, made the throw, and Thomas did the rest. Great play. But that doesn’t happen often. He needs to be able to make those plays consistently. Look at the next week – 9-for-26 against the Patriots.

      If he’s going to be a starter long-term, there are some areas where he needs to improve. I’m sure he’d say the same thing himself. You can’t be an every-down quarterback with a completion percentage under 50%. Tebow can get much further than most other QBs with stats like that because of the immeasurables you mentioned, but he needs to improve his passing game going forward.

  3. It seems like lots of the Jets coaches are impressed so far with Tim Tebow. I don’t know if they will make him a starter but I do know Tebow was going to be working very hard this off season on his passing…

    • Good to hear. I’m all for him succeeding, I just think as a passer he still has a way to go. I think some misinterpreted what I said on the other site (or more likely only got out of it what they wanted to). I’m not writing off Tebow; I’m merely saying he has to improve certain aspects of his game. Unfortunately, Tebow is the one guy you apparently can’t offer a differing opinion of these days.

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