Tim Tebow Named Denver Broncos Starting Quarterback…For 2012 Season

All Tim Tebow did during the 2011 season was pass for twice as many touchdowns as interceptions, rush for 660 yards at over five yards per carry and lead the Denver Broncos to the second round of the NFL Playoffs. It wasn’t always pretty and at times it was downright ugly (see: losses to the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs at the end regular season), but it was more than enough.

Tebow has already been named the starter for 2012, sort of. On Monday, chief of football operations and former Broncos great John Elway said Tebow had more than earned the right to enter camp for the 2012 season as the starter. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but there are still some out there that don’t believe winning accounts for much. The former Florida Gators star completed less than 50% of his passes and while he looked great in a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, he wasn’t able to move the ball in the subsequent loss to the New England Patriots. Critics will point to that final loss as their proof Tebow can’t succeed in the NFL. Supporters will point to the fact that the Broncos even played in that game as their proof that Tebow helped the team reach unexpected heights.

Football is a team sport and Tebow has plenty of teammates. He can’t be given credit for all of the success the Broncos had in 2011, but he also can’t be blamed for their losses. What we do know is that there were four overtime wins, plenty of “did you see that” moments and at least one team in the playoffs that no one thought would be there. The jury is still out on Tebow’s long-term prospects as an NFL quarterback, but for now he’s earned the right to continue at the position for a few more snaps.

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