2013 Football Recruiting: Caleb Brantley, Demarcus Robinson Recommit; Florida Gators (Re)Add DT, WR

Sometimes you just have to be patient. And sometimes your patience only has to last a very, very short time. After decommitting from the Florida Gators in recent weeks, both Caleb Brantley and Demarcus Robinson are back. The defensive tackle and wide receiver have both decided that once again they wish to be a part of the Gators’ 2013 recruiting class.

Brantley’s decision doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Many thought that there was a good chance the defensive tackle would rejoin the class despite his recent decommitment. After speaking to the Florida coaches, Brantley came back around, realizing there was no better option than the Gators (a good decision on his part). He claims that this is it and he will make no other visits.

In addition to Brantley, the Gators also welcomed back wide receiver Demarcus Robinson. Robinson had been back and forth between Clemson and Florida for quite some time, but made it clear it would be the Gators in the end. Very clear. He will enroll early, making him as solid as solid gets.*

The two boost (or reboost I suppose) Florida’s class and give the Gators two talented prospects at positions of need. The Gators are now ranked No. 3 according to Rivals and No. 5 according to 247Sports in the sites’ team rankings.

*I, of course, reserve the right to renege on that statement if anything at all happens to Robinson over the course of his career.

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