4th and 1: Trey Burton, Florida’s Trick Plays, USF and Bowling…

A treat for you.  4th and 1 without a Chris Rainey mention.  Well, besides that one.

1st.  Trey Burton is a big admirer of Tim Tebow and the true freshman seems to excel in one of the areas the former Florida star did: effort.  Burton’s efforts in practice have led to him playing a variety of positions during games.  He’s the backup quarterback, but has also seen time at fullback, tight end, wide receiver, and on special teams.
Burton’s unique talents have allowed him to compete and play at each position, but it presents a bigger question for the Gators.  Is Florida lacking depth at those positions?  Seeing Burton run the ball after taking snaps as a Tebow-like quarterback is what everyone expected.  Seeing him on the field as much as he is at other positions could be a concern.
Not to take away from what Burton can do at those other positions, but where are the players the Gators need to step up.  Who exactly is the tight end?  Where has Andre Debose been?  What about the stable of receivers Urban Meyer and staff have collected?
Burton is gaining valuable experience, but he’s also one hard hit away from being on the sidelines in street clothes.  He can take the punishment, but without a definitive #2 at QB, the Gators need to be careful with him.  There is talent at those other positions.  Unfortunately, no one else has really stepped up.  Burton will continue to see the field and that could be a good thing, but Florida may need him at quarterback sooner or later.  Hopefully he’ll be ready and healthy when that times does come.
2nd.  Omarius Hines.  I’m not sure I can express how utterly amazing Hines is more than I already have, so I’ll let his play speak for itself.
Thanks to Hines – and some gutsy play calling – Meyer’s Gators are now eight-for-eight on fake punts.  Part of it is because of the surprise Florida’s opponents never see coming and part of it is due to execution.  The Gators executed it to perfection against Tennessee and Hines instantly became one of the heroes.
Had a blast watching Omar Hunter out there lead blocking, even if the big defensive tackle didn’t touch anyone on the play.
3rd.  USF has played all of two games this season and the bowl projections have already started.  Right now, it appears as if there are two possible destinations in the Bulls’ future – the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl or the Liberty Bowl.  And three possible opponents – Kentucky, Louisiana-Lafayette, or Southern Miss.  Not very exciting possibilities, but again, USF has played exactly two games.  A lot can change over the remainder of the regular season.  And a lot will.
4th.  Brandon Hanning, hero or idiot?
If you don’t know who Hanning is, here’s the brief recap.  Hanning was the Ohio Bobcat.  Emphasis on was.  After essentially attacking the Ohio State Buckeye on Saturday, Hanning was banned from being involved in Ohio athletics.  The reason goes beyond the obvious attack.
It was Hanning’s goal to attack the Buckeye and he admitted as much.  He claimed to have only tried out to become the Ohio mascot with the intent of tackling Brutus the Buckeye.  Hanning accomplished his goal, got his 15 minutes of fame, and now is no longer a member of the mascot community.
And 1.  Rest in peace Kenny McKinley, Denver Broncos wide receiver and South Carolina’s all-time leader in receptions and receiving yards.

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  1. GatorMatt says:

    That fake punt was just ridiculous in person. The best part was seeing the Vols fans react as they realized what was happening. I don't know if that's my first fake punt to see in person, but it was certainly the only one I remember. Awesome.

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