A College Football Season Like No Other

One hour from now, the season begins. Saying I get excited this time of year is an understatement. I’ve been over-the-top pumped for months just thinking about today. Quite simply, I love college football.

If you know me, you already know that. If you don’t, but have visited this site or followed me on Twitter, you would know it as well. It’s something I think about the entire year. The season never ends and spring practice, summer camps and, of course, recruiting fuel me through the quiet months. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t read or watch something about the sport. It’s the greatest one we have and my goal has always been to take it all in.

Each year, I prepare for the season like most diehard college football fans. I read the preview magazines, spend more time than I should on various websites and blogs, debate the ratings of the virtual players in the NCAA video games, review the schedules, spend way too much on apparel, and get ready for the chaos that is about to commence.

I’m never alone in this. My wife is also quite the fan and supports the craziness that fills our household every season (yes, I’m very lucky and very aware of it). I have close friends who care a little too much, like I do. And, obviously, I run this site. I’m lucky that I have a great group of people to enjoy the world’s greatest sport with me. College football takes over every television in the house and that’s the way we like it.

We are understandably excited for the seasons ahead for the schools we attended – Florida and USF – but we also can’t wait for South Carolina at Vanderbilt to kick off 2012. This time around, you can amplify that by 10. Or closer to 100.

Seven weeks ago today, we welcomed our first child – a son – into the world. Not that gender matters; in our family a daughter would learn to love college football just as much. Life has more than changed since then, but we’ve loved every minute of it. Sure, it’s cliché to say that, but I’m a proud father and I no longer care if what I say is mushier than anything anyone may want to hear.

Seven weeks ago, we were introduced to our son. Tonight, we will introduce him to college football. Let me be clear with that: we will have college football on in the background while we’re tending to his every need. How much we pay attention to what’s occurring on the field of play is up in the air.

I don’t have misconceptions of how my following of college football will go this season with a newborn. There will be games on in the background paused and restarted on the DVR too many times to count and others we’ll miss outright. Tonight at 10:15, Washington State faces BYU. Show of hands for those that think I’ll stay awake for it. Nobody? Nothing? I didn’t think so.

Regardless, I’m more excited for a college football season than I ever have been. Tonight’s reading before my son goes to bed will be his Florida 101 book with excerpts from various college football preview magazines. He’ll go down for the final time right around the start of the late game. His father won’t be far behind as sleep overtakes our entire family. It’s okay though, this will be the best season yet.

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10 Responses to A College Football Season Like No Other

  1. Evandagator says:

    Am I the only one who watches all the games pre-recorded??!

    I’ve always done that because I can’t stand the commercials.

    • Don’t you already know the outcomes though? I watch plenty of game replays, but rarely recorded for the first time.

      • Evandagator says:

        Oh NO. You wouldn’t imagine how angry it makes my Dad and me when someone tells us the outcome of the game before we watch it. It ruins the game for me. Can’t know the outcome.

        I’m fine with watching the game live, but I prefer to save time by skipping commercials and recording it. There’s always that risk of someone telling you the outcome though, and if I find out they lost, I won’t watch it.

  2. GatorJustin says:

    Congrats! Last year was my first season with newborns (got bit with the twins bug and had a boy and girl). It was one of my favorites. We have a few pictures with my son on one side of me and my daughter on the other while we watched the games. They didn’t watch long but the 20 minutes of pride I got out of it is something I’ll remember 50 yrs from now. Savor every moment but just know that the next year will be even better. They both watched the 1st quarter with me tonight and my daughter giggled and my boy smiled the whole time. Then they cried because it was bed time (but I like to think its because they had to miss the game)…

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  4. armygator says:

    I have a 4-month-old daughter who was introduced to college football last night as well. She tried her best but only saw a little of the first quarter and a little of the second half. She got to ‘listen’ to all of it as she slept in between. Unfortunately for her, she is half Seminole. Don’t worry it is a recessive gene.

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