Coaches Look To Andre Debose To Step Up And Perform In 2012

The Florida Gators coaches are hoping for big things from wide receiver Andre Debose in 2012. In order for him to get there, he’ll need to find consistency to his play and be able to keep himself on the field.

Debose has been labeled a star-in-waiting since before he committed to Florida. He was dubbed the next Percy Harvin, an unfair comparison for anyone but the first Percy Harvin. Debose has had his moments – he’s a great kick returner and a deep threat at wide receiver – but overall, he has yet to live up to the enormous hype put on him when he came to Gainesville. 2012 needs to be a breakout season for not only Debose, but the entire Gators’ offense.

The coaching staff loves what it has in Debose, but wants to see him perform consistently. While he had the occasional big play, he only caught seven balls in eight SEC games. There was a time when Florida’s leading receivers caught seven passes in each conference game, not all of them combined. While the staff may not expect him to do that, they do expect more and they want to be able to rely on him as a go-to receiver.

This is a big season for Debose; one in which he can be one of the stars to lead the Gators’ offense into the future.

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4 Responses to Coaches Look To Andre Debose To Step Up And Perform In 2012

  1. A.J. says:

    I have been waiting for him to step up for two years, hopefully he does this year.

    • I think we need to use him for what he’s good for and not expect too much more. The Harvin comparison was a long shot, but was based on what he did in high school. At this level, he had notorious issues grasping the full playbook. I say make him the deep threat and don’t get too complicated with him. His speed is ridiculous and he can separate from practically any defender. Use him to stretch the field and work with others for the short to mid range stuff.

      • GatorJustin says:

        I’m hoping he’s more involved in the offense but I’m also worried that he has to learn his 3rd different playbook in as many seasons. Maybe they can keep him involved with simple plays like bubble screens, wheel routes, and the deep routes he does so well with.

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