First Thoughts: Auburn Tigers 17 – Florida Gators 6

I’ll go ahead an keep this short because weekends are supposed to be enjoyable and the last thing you need is more frustration.

Florida’s defensive play improved. Tackles were made and pressure was put on the Auburn quarterbacks. It wasn’t a great performance or anything to use as a model game, but it was good enough. Actually more so when giving the Gators a chance to win the game. The offense, however, couldn’t take advantage of an improved defense.

It’s hard to determine exactly what Charlie Weis is doing on offense because, well, we don’t know and there have been injuries. John Brantley was obviously out. Jeff Demps didn’t dress. Andre Debose went out early. Mike Gillislee didn’t get the carries he was expected to receive and we saw him getting taped up on the sidelines at one point. So more than enough frustration sets in with those right there. Then there are the other issues…

Whether a quarterback isn’t putting points on the board or not, by removing one for the other and either for the option guy in between, no one is getting into any kind of rhythm. Jacoby Brissett didn’t light the world on fire, but removing him in the second half put in a cold Jeff Driskel who couldn’t get into a flow either didn’t make a difference. In the end, the Gators managed two field goals and nothing more. That’s a total of 27 points and only two touchdowns in the last three games – all losses.

I’ll have more tomorrow, but for now we mourn. We mourn a chance to turn things in the right direction, a chance to stay in the SEC East race, and a chance to win. Florida falls to 4-3 and we just fall. Goodnight, as good as it can be.

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2 Responses to First Thoughts: Auburn Tigers 17 – Florida Gators 6

  1. Doug says:

    I'd like an official announcement by the officials about the no-call on Rainey's fair catch. Clearly he signaled a fair catch and his two yard zone was violated. Was he bumped?

  2. The Bull Gator says:

    I'm not a rules guru by any means, but I thought they got rid of the two-yard rule a few years back and it was just that you had to let the returner make the catch. Or was that just in the NFL?

    Either way, it sure looked like a flag should have been thrown.

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