Football Recap: Florida Gators 27 – Bowling Green Falcons 14

We’ll run through the quick recap and start with a positive: it was a win. Is it time to just start cheering for wins and not have a desire for any style points? The Florida Gators defeated the Bowling Green Falcons 27-14 in the season opener for both teams. The Gators won; that is true. Otherwise, it felt like a deflating victory that didn’t answer many questions.

We know the name of next week’s starting quarterback. It’s Jeff Driskel. Driskel and Jacoby Brissett took their turns in the first half and Driskel came out on top, leading the Gators in the second half. There were moments of joy and moments of doubt. This we do know: Driskel needs to become more aware of the field. Be that making throws on the run, hitting receivers in stride, or knowing where the sidelines are. Overall, his performance was serviceable and those on Team Driskel are happy he’s the guy coming out of the first game.

The defense looked like it can be a good one and even a great one. It also looked like tackling from the secondary needs to improve. Marcus Roberson is a dangerous cover corner and Jaylen Watkins had his moments, but they and their unit mates need to wrap up the first time and not allow any additional yards. The first hit must result in the ball carrier hitting the ground. Among things we like from the defense was the pressure from the line. During passing plays, the line got into the backfield. During some running plays, it was a different story. The defense was solid, but can clearly get to the level of being an impenetrable rock. There’s something special there that comes out in bursts. We need it to be apparent on every down.

And then there were the penalties. And the penalties. And the penalties. And the penalties. They need to not just be eliminated, but whatever stronger word for “gotten rid of” we can find.

The star was Mike Gillislee. His lofty prediction for the 2012 season he would have doesn’t seem so lofty now. He’s good and can carry the offense. Gillislee is cleary the primary running back and we’re all okay with that. The Gators will rely on him to continue to put out performances like that. He’s gets our immediate reaction game ball and there’s a good chance he’ll hold on to it when we reevaluate the game in a day or two.

For now, the Gators have won and the rest of college football Saturday continues. It’s been a while since we’ve been calm watching Florida games. Every time a pass play develops, we sit on the edge of our seats and it’s been that way for two-plus seasons. That may not end anytime soon and it does make us all nervous. But we can relax for a few days at least. Game one is over; game two is on the horizon. More analysis will come in the next few days, but at this moment your to-do list should include having a great long weekend. It was rough at times, there were signs of maybe a little progress during others; all-in-all, Go Gators!

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14 Responses to Football Recap: Florida Gators 27 – Bowling Green Falcons 14

  1. GatorJustin says:

    I wasn’t as disappointed as most Gator fans. I thought the game plan was kept very simple, not many deep passes and not many blitzes. JD didn’t play great but well enough and his completion’s looked really crisp. I saw nothing from Brissett that made me feel other wise, and to be honest, I got the feeling Muschamp had already made the decision.

    • That’s a very good point Justin. I had the same feeling.

      • Although I will say that when Brissett can plant and throw, he has an absolute cannon for an arm.

        • GatorJustin says:

          Our o line proved yet again they can only be trusted as far as you can throw them. Run blocking was good (except on 3rd and short and damn that was frustrating). Pass blocking was… yeah not so good.

          • I have that in my notes for the deeper analysis: “no push at all on 3rd and short.” The backs had no hope of getting first downs.

            • GatorMeO&B says:

              I don’t think we can judge those plays clearly. BGSU knew we were going to run on those plays, knew we were going to run straight ahead, and usually packed 8 guys in the box. It’s tough for 5 guys, even great ones, to blocvk 8 gusy, even lousy ones, in that situation.

              I’m not so worried about run blocking, I am concerned about the pass blocking. It’s not like BGSU has a Jadaveon Clowney on their line.

              • True, but it wasn’t necessarily a numbers game in those situations. We had TEs, FBs, etc. blocking as well. There was very little push. It’s always going to be difficult to convert when the defense knows what’s coming, but you still have to convert. We can’t have no options on 3rd and short.

  2. A.J. says:

    Defensive backs appear scared to hit hard and are not wrapping up….quit showboating and toughen up!

    • The thing that got me was that they were in the right position most of the time, but tackling fundamentals weren’t there.

      • GatorJustin says:

        Bostic missed a bunch of tackles he should have had. Our secondary also missed a mess of TO opportunities. I was more frustrated with the D than O. I expected the O to be rough considering new offense and new QB. The defense was supposed to be one of the best and they didn’t look it at all.

        • True, but I never get that upset with missed INTs. Watkins had two that could have been INTs, but that’s also the reason he’s not a WR. I’m just happy he was in the right position to make the play most of the time. Improvement from last season. Sure, INTs would have been great, but pass breakups are better than what might have happened in 2007, 2010, or 2011.

        • GatorMeO&B says:

          The missed tackles are a concern. I’m not so worried about the defense in general, though. They were playing a very vanilla defense with almost no stunts, blitzes, or masks. They need to clean up the tackling and I think they will be a very good defense.

          • After BG’s first touchdown drive, they definitely tightened up. Just don’t want a bunch of Deion’s out there at CB when it comes to tackling. If they have his coverage ability, great, but Prime Time never tackled anyone.

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