To Heck with You Georgia, to Heck and Beyond

As a fan of the Florida Gators, you’re afforded many rights this week. Among those is the right to tell Georgia exactly where you think it should go, or be banished to. You can also ask them if they’d like to bite something in particular. The options are really endless for it is Florida-Georgia week and the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party has arrived. (We’re not supposed to call it that, but our goal should be to ensure the moniker lives on with future generations.)

Florida Georgia Football

Your mind will be emblazoned with images of Brandon Spikes playing the role of Top Piece of Bread in the Spikes-Knowshon Moreno-ground sandwich, and it should be. There are moments that live with us forever and that is one of them. Another is the one of those damn dancing Dawgs in what we are required by University of Florida law to call a classless and utterly inappropriate display of arrogance. To take us back to positive images, I must quickly mention that Mohamed Massaquoi is still afraid of Reggie Nelson (REGGIE F’ING NELSON!).

Saturday is a date with destiny that isn’t. More was expected of both the Gators and the Bulldogs, but less has occurred for a variety of reasons. Injuries can be blamed and are the easy way out. Blaming injuries gives us comfort because it means our team doesn’t have offensive issues, wasn’t overrated to begin the season, and doesn’t have questions at various coaching positions. It means that a few very unfortunate circumstances led to 4-3 and the losses can be blamed on the absence of a key player or two or three or seven.

Quick side-note relating to records and not injuries: six of the seven teams in the SEC East are currently on losing streaks (including first-place Missouri). Look across the standings and you will see that six of the seven SEC West teams are currently on winning streaks. The lone West team on a losing streak is last-place Arkansas. Hey, the Gators beat them! YAY!

Moving past the injuries, we get to the issue of offense. No, we don’t. Let’s move right past that because we’ve talked about it all before here, here, and here. I don’t know how much more of it I can stomach and I can only imagine that you all are in the same boat. We need offense. We don’t need it next season. We don’t even need it next week. We need it now, or else the Bulldogs of Georgia will chew us up, spit us out, and end zone dance to an easy victory.

Moving on, of course, requires us to move on to something else. Let’s go with how bad we want the Gators to come out of Saturday’s contest victorious. We talk frequently about the players, the coaches, the games, and more. We don’t talk as often as we could about the passion and the levels above that reaching the fanatical.

I want the Gators to win for many reasons and they don’t even start with the angle of “because it’s Georgia.” Shall we?

• Because as similar as it can feel, 5-3 is so much better than 4-4.
• Because the thought of three-straight losses makes me wish I hadn’t had spicy food for lunch.
• Okay, because it’s Georgia.
• Because there’s still a part of me that wants Will Muschamp to succeed. (And why not? Why should I wish the guy fail? Why should I hope he gets fired? He’s the head coach today and will be the head coach tomorrow, so I want him to win games.)
• Because Tyler Murphy.
• Because Tyler Murphy.
• Because Tyler Murphy. (The three times wasn’t an accident.)
• Because I don’t want to see 0-3 against the top 25. (Oh wait, Georgia isn’t ranked either. HURRAH!)
• Because the Bulldogs haven’t won three straight in the series since the late 1980s.
• Because Orson Charles broke stuff.
• Because Will Hill’s best game.
• Because a punter kicked the game-winning field goal in overtime in the last Gators’ victory in the series.
• Because I like wins.
• Because I dislike losses.
• Because I’m still a fan and will be faithfully watching this game, the next game and all of the other games.
• Because orange and blue.
• Because Go Gators!
• Because just win.

I don’t want the Gators to win; I need the Gators to win. The same goes for the players and the coaching staff. Murphy needs a win. Muschamp needs a win. Brent Pease needs a win. Dare I say Jeremy Foley needs a win? We all need it. We want it. We crave it. These losses can’t come to an end soon enough.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up and put out the Gators’ flag. I’ll put on my Gators’ hat and shirt. I’ll be a Gator just as I am any other day. At 3:30, it’ll change as it always does when Florida games start. I’ll need the win even more than I need it right now. There’s a rise all week that peaks at kickoff. I want to stay on that peak for four quarters and I don’t want to come down.

To hell with Georgia.

Go Gators!

Just win.

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34 Responses to To Heck with You Georgia, to Heck and Beyond

  1. Big Ed says:

    I have waited until halftime…………this is horrendous…

    To hell with Muschamp!

    How can anyone defend this absolute horseshit….

  2. Big Ed says:

    I know a win against the team from Tallahassee is still a possibility as it is at home and has not been played yet, but should we lose that game at home, Mushmouth will be 1-5 against UGA and FSU…..

    You just cannot defend this coaching staff right now. They are completely lost………Three years and cannot even get into the top 100 offenses in the country. Get rid of him now………….

    • Steve Spurrier, offensive-minded, successful.
      Ron Zook, defensive-minded, not so much.
      Urban Meyer, offensive-minded, successful.
      Will Muschamp, defensive-minded, ugh.

      Put it all together and I vote for an offensive-minded head coach with a good defensive coordinator behind him.

  3. Big Ed says:

    Since I am on a roll, just read the title of your last post……and try not to laugh……..Offensive rebirth…….

    • Yosemite Sam says:

      The Gator offense looks more like after birth.

      • Apologies Yosemite Sam. Your comments were eaten by the spam filter. I’ve gone through and approved them all. That shouldn’t happen again.

        And welcome to the site! Thanks for commenting!

    • I didn’t say they’d have one. I said they need one. As easy as it would be to simply point out every that’s wrong and throw it all in the trash, I am going to focus on what needs to happen as well. I have as little confidence as the next fan that we’re going to see a consistently productive offense in what remains of this season, but I’m still going to talk about what needs to change, not just what has gone wrong.

  4. Big Ed says:

    Banish me from this site if you must, but it just gets worse. Mushmouth has been head coach for 2 1/2 years and he cannot even find a kicker.

    Third and 18 and we run the option when down 20 points in the 3rd quarter. And the head coach makes over 3 million dollars. The chicken playing tic tac toe at the State Fair could call plays better………..

    • Yosemite Sam says:

      Muschump must go. He is terribly lost. He’s a uga alum and is best friends with a freakin’ nole.

    • You’d have to do a lot worse than call the guy Mushmouth and want a coaching change to get banned. I’m not sure what, but a lot worse. Keep ’em coming Big Ed.

    • I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, but there is one thing that I won’t put on Muschamp and that’s kicker. He found a good one. Hardin was one of the nation’s best coming out of high school and since then he’s had some sort of lapse.

      I’m not sure who you follow in the NFL, but do you remember when Martin Gramatica was one of the best kickers in the league? Then suddenly he just lost it? It was like a pitcher losing his curve ball. Suddenly, he was thinking too much and it became mental. This seems to have happened with Hardin. He came in with all the talent in the world and something went wrong and now his confidence is gone.

      I’m not praising Muschamp by any means here, just saying that everyone thought we found that next great kicker. Of course, we also thought we had an All-American punter.

      • Big Ed says:

        He is paid to be the HEAD COACH. Yes, kicking has a mental aspect to it. If something is off kilter, then it is the job of the coaching staff to fix it. In spring, summer, and fall practice we heard of the kicking competition. All of the sudden a third string walk on is kicking. Then the starting punter is kicking rugby style for some reason. All of this goes back to the COACHING STAFF, of which Mushmouth is the head.

        • Some things have to go on the players. You can recruit the best players and sometimes they just don’t perform. No lack of coaching caused John Brantley to lack confidence when he actually walked out on to the field. No lack of coaching has caused Hardin’s lack of confidence either. Like I said, sometimes the players just lose it.

          Again, I’m not defending the coaches, just saying that sometimes it’s just the player. You need something to coach. For whatever reason, Hardin doesn’t have it right now. Brantley was a similar situation.

        • Basically, you can fix some things. You can’t, however, fix something that’s completely broken. If Hardin was just pushing kicks left from the left hashmark, then there could be tweaks. But he’s just lost it. The same thing forced Gramatica out of the NFL. Whatever he once had was gone.

  5. Yosemite Sam says:

    Leave Muschump in Jax.

  6. Yosemite Sam says:

    Muschump has got to go. He is terribly lost.

  7. Big Ed says:

    All of the momentum on your side and two consecutive penalties on third down. False start and lining up wrong……players not prepared……..

  8. Big Ed says:

    Oaky…………so they have made a game of it. I will stick with my guns and say Mushmouth is in over his head. As I have mentioned in an earlier post, this is a mediocre UGA team……

  9. Big Ed says:

    Fourth quarter, time running down…..This is when it matters…..And they just cannot stop them……No Heart, no Passion………,I really do not want to hear about how they came back and made it close……UGA is a better team, and a better coached team…….

    • We wouldn’t have to talk about coming back and making it close if there had been even a glimmer of productivity during the first half. One good drive or made field goal and we have a W and not an L. But of course, we didn’t play close to 60 minutes.

  10. Big Ed says:

    The defense cannot has shown no heart on this last drive. And Mushmouth is a defensive coach. He is stealing money from UF and everything is not okay….

  11. Big Ed says:

    4-4 is…….4-4. No matter how you try and make it pretty, it’s not……….It is sad that this program is where it is with the stinky teams that are in the East this year….Yeah, I am frustrated at Mushmouth and every Gator fan should be…..

    Currently Vandy and Tennessee are 4-4. Let’s all celebrate our greatness………

  12. debbie hall says:

    I can’t think of anything else to add. Love reading you comments Big Ed. Hope Jeremy is polishing up on the short list you mentioned in an earlier post.

      • Big Ed says:

        Grave Kelly would be a welcome change…

        • Big Ed says:

          Should have read Grace Kelly…….my frustration in showing

          • Need to find your calm Big Ed. I have no idea where you are or how to send an ambulance if you go into cardiac arrest.

            • Big Ed says:

              I am somewhere in the middle of the sunshine state. By the grace of God, I cannot attend homecoming against Vandy and if things go well against Georgia Southern either. The sad thing is I have to seriously consider if I want to subject myself to getting ass kicked by the school from Tallahassee.

              In case I have not mentioned it, I think Mushmouth is in over his head and it clueless on how to run an entire football program. He has had two tries at offensive coordinator, and now the defense look very suspect.

  13. Yosemite Sam says:

    Big Ed has gone to bed.

  14. Big Ed says:

    Debbie………..I hope there are many more who feel the same way.

  15. Big Ed says:

    “Georgia took over with 8:17 to play and drove 67 yards in 15 plays — including a huge third-and-7 conversion pass for 7 yards from Murray to Rhett McGowan and the Cummings penalty that produced another key conversion — running out the remaining time.”

    The above pulled from an ESPN article. May I point out the defensive minded coach could not come up with a stop during the 8 minute plus drive……..but what the hell, he is only paid a few million…..

  16. Big Ed says:

    Please, somebody pull be back from the ledge. Everywhere I look it gets worse….

    “More than one member of the media note that Muschamp’s SEC record is 13-9 (.591) and Ron Zook was fired in 2004 after an SEC record of 14-7 (.667). And Zook was 2-1 against the Bulldogs”….

    “This is Muschamp’s third season,” wrote Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The Gators were 11-2 in 2012 with the 104th-rated offense in the nation. That was a step up from 2011, when their offense was 105th. Florida’s offense entered this game ranked 109th. It’s astonishing that the flagship program in a state that produces so many good players could be this awful on O, but when it happens three years running it’s no accident. It’s lousy coaching.”


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