Preview: Florida Gators Vs. South Carolina Gamecocks; SEC East Control Up For Grabs

The Florida Gators host the South Carolina Gamecocks today in what could amount to a battle for control of the SEC East. I’ll keep this short because the die-hards among you have already joined the tailgate of champions. The weather is pretty close to perfect and Fall is here. That makes for a great day of football, not only in Gainesville, but across the SEC.

Jarvis Moss - Florida Gators

As you await kickoff and another matchup between two great programs, build your anticipation for this one accordingly. Yes, I used the word great for the Gamecocks as well. Our once head coach has led them to heights never before experienced in Columbia and good for them. Rivalries are a great part of the sport and this one may never have reached this level without an injection of Steve Spurrier.

There are those among us that still love Spurrier–I’m one of them. There are also those that don’t feel anything positive toward the man. My guess is that second group has calmed its stance slightly after the Urban Meyer situation. Hopefully they realize what Spurrier did for the mighty Florida Gators. Without him, mighty may not be the right descriptor. But today, he’s the enemy. We can praise his accomplishments as a player and a coach at the University of Florida and we can thank him for what he did. One day, I’ll tell my son about the man that propelled the orange and blue to greatness. Not today.

Today, Spurrier is just that man leading the other team. He is Derek Dooley, Les Miles, Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher. There is no connection today. Today he must be beat. The winner controls the SEC East. Both teams control their own destiny; all they have to do is keep winning to punch their ticket to Atlanta. It’s about who wants it more. We know which side we’re on and we’re ready to see those mighty Florida Gators take care of business once more.

Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the fall. Enjoy another college football Saturday. And, as always, Go Gators!

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  1. A.J. says:

    Spurrier = Foe 1 day/year, Friend rest of year; Meyer = Foe all year.

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