Florida Gators Video Of The Day: Danny Wuerffel Tribute

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Many of you miss “Danny” as you call him. You watched Danny Wuerffel lead the Florida Gators to a National Championship, and you also saw him win a Heisman. Some of your best memories come from his duelings with Peyton Manning and Tennessee. The Wuerffel era was one of the best sports times of your life.

But for me and many others who where born in the 1990s and were simply too young to efficiently follow the Gators at the time, we missed the era. Instead, we grew up in the Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer era. As I wrote this post up, I couldn’t even spell “Wuerffel” correctly. I’d like to blame this mistake on the generation gap.

Of course, it is always great to look back at the players who made it great to watch and somewhat built up Gators sports. One of those players was Danny Wuerffel. Even though I didn’t grow up watching him, through a quick highlight tape or by watching one of his games, I can tell that he was great.

Wuerffel was truly one of the greatest Gators ever. What were some of your best “Danny” memories? Other 90s memories? What made him so special as a player?

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  1. Watch as many highlights as you can find. Danny was special. Truly great to witness.

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