Former Florida Gators Kicker Judd Davis Plays…Jai Alai?!?

It’s not always easy to find out what former Florida Gators’ greats are up to, but when you do it can be very surprising. That’s the case with former Gators’ kicker and Groza Award winner Judd Davis who is currently playing Jai Alai in Ocala, FL.

I’ll be honest by saying I don’t really understand a lot in that article. That’s not meant to disparage the sport in any way, but I hadn’t heard of a “fronton” until today. The issue it seems is that Ocala Poker and Jai Alai only has two players participating in the current season. Davis is one of them.

Those of you that remember Davis, recall one of the greatest kickers in Florida history. Davis went from walk-on to best-in-the-nation and was a key player on some of Steve Spurrier’s earlier squads. Davis is truly a Gators’ great.

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