Guess The Ranking: After Another 1-1 Week, Where Do The Florida Gators End Up?

For the third consecutive week, the Florida Gators men’s basketball team went 1-1. After a big win over the Vanderbilt Commodores earlier in the week, the Gators closed it out with a loss to the Kentucky Wildcats. Florida–No. 9 in the USA Today Coaches Poll heading into the week–may have pushed themselves out of the top 10 with the loss. Regardless, the Gators will enter the SEC Tournament as the conference’s top seed.

Florida Gators - Kentucky Wildcats

How the top 10 fared:

    • No. 1 Gonzaga – 1-0 – Unranked Win
    • No. 2 Indiana – 1-0 – No. 14/13 Loss*
    • No. 3/4 Duke – 2-0 – Unranked Win, Unranked Win
    • No. 4/3 Kansas – 1-1 – Unranked Win, Unranked Loss
    • No. 5 Georgetown – 1-1 – Unranked Loss, No. 17/16 Win
    • No. 6/7 Miami – 1-1 – Unranked Loss, Unranked Win
    • No. 7/8 Michigan – 1-0 – Unranked Win*
    • No. 8/6 Louisville – 2-0 – Unranked Win, No. 24 Win
    • No. 9/10 Kansas State – 1-1 – Unranked Win, No. 13/14 Loss
    • No. 10/12 Michigan State – 1-0 – No. 22/21 Win**
    • No. 11/9 Florida – 1-1 – Unranked Win, Unranked Loss

* No. 7/8 Michigan hosts No. 2 Indiana on Sunday, March 10.
** No. 12/12 Michigan State hosts Northwestern on Sunday, March 10.

To the rundown:

    • We can run through the teams that were undefeated during the week quickly. Florida does not have a chance of passing Gonzaga, Duke or Louisville. Those teams are done for the week and went a combined 5-0.
    • Still without a loss, but with games on Sunday are Indiana, Michigan and Michigan State. The Hoosiers are safe regardless of the outcome of their games against the Wolverines. The Wolverines should be too because even if they lose the matchup it will be a quality loss to the nation’s No. 2 team. Michigan State is the wild card yet again. Already three spots lower than the Gators in the Coaches Poll, a loss to Northwestern would hurt the Spartans chances of jumping the Gators. However, that’s unlikely as Michigan State is expected to win big.
    • Despite the fact that they all went 1-1, Kansas, Georgetown and Miami are safe because Florida did the same. So should be Kansas State. The Gators hold a one-spot lead on the Wildcats in the Coaches Poll, but Kansas State’s loss looks better than Florida’s. We could see the Wildcats ranked higher in both polls come Monday.
    • Just behind the Gators in the polls, both New Mexico and Oklahoma State went 1-1. Florida could be safe, but the Cowboys do have a quality win over Kansas State to consider. Ohio State could be the problem. The No. 14/13 Buckeyes already have a win this week over No. 2 Indiana. A win over Illinois on Sunday could find Ohio State ranked higher than Florida. (UGH inducing, I know.)

It could all come down to that Big Ten team we love to hate–the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Gators have a chance to remain in the top 10 based on what occurred around them, but if the Buckeyes win again on Sunday, it’s a certainty that Florida falls further. Then again, after a 1-1 record last week, Florida fell three spots in both polls. The Gators fell three spots in the AP Poll and two in the Coaches the week before that. It might not matter what Ohio State does, Florida could be outside of the top 10 looking in anyway. Your thoughts?

Where do you rank the Florida Gators?

    Top 7 (33%, 3 Votes)

    No. 12 (33%, 3 Votes)

    No. 13 or Lower (33%, 3 Votes)

    No. 8 (0%, 0 Votes)

    No. 9 (0%, 0 Votes)

    No. 10 (0%, 0 Votes)

    No. 11 (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 9

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