Preview: Florida Gators Vs. Missouri Tigers; Welcome To The SEC Part 2

The Florida Gators have the rare opportunity to welcome both of the SEC’s new members to the conference during the 2012 college football season. The Alabama Crimson Tide are the only other team that will be able to say they did so. Oddly enough, if we go back in time just one week, those were the top two teams in the nation. The Gators have fallen since after an ugly defeat at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs, but still possess one of the country’s better teams. And that Georgia loss may have made what many predict will be a cakewalk even more so of a…um…well…walk over cake. Translated, them Gators will be angry.

Matt Elam - Florida Gators

As I write this, the Gators are favored by 17.5 points over the Missouri Tigers. Those of us that witnessed the debacle that was the loss to Georgia may find it hard to believe this Florida team can even score that many points, let alone win by as much, but that’s just the hangover talking. We’re quick to realize that the Gators scored 44 a week before that and overall are performing better than we could have expected in 2012. That doesn’t necessarily lessen the impact of last week’s loss, but 7-1 is 7-1. 7-1 with a real chance to be 10-1 before heading into the regular season finale against Florida State is even better.

But before we get to talking about the Seminoles, we have the Tigers waiting. Some may call this a trap game, but my thought would be that it could only truly be defined as that if the Gators had beaten the Bulldogs and were sitting at 8-0. They aren’t and there could be some much needed aggression waiting to get out. That’s not good news for a Missouri team that just got its first SEC win last week. And, oh yeah, they made shirts for it. You’re new at this Mizzou, so we’ll forgive you for that, but don’t let it happen again.

This will be one of those rare instances where I won’t be watching the game live–at least not the second half. I’ll be racing home right around the end to watch the recording. You’ll already know what has happened, but I’ll be doing my best to avoid it. We’ll see if that actually works or if I can hold out not checking my phone every few minutes. I’ll be with you in spirit through it though, even if I’ll be about two hours behind you in watching it. As always, just win and Go Gators!

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