Former Florida Gators’ Star Percy Harvin Wins Super Bowl with Seattle Seahawks

Percy Harvin didn’t return kickoffs during his time with the Florida Gators. The do-everything weapon was reserved to doing almost everything but returning kicks. Then Harvin went to the NFL.

Percy Harvin, Seattle Seahawks

In four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, Harvin returned four kickoffs for touchdowns and twice led the league in kickoff return average. His 2012 average of 35.9 yards per return ranks third all-time; not in team history, in NFL history.

Traded to the Seattle Seahawks before the start of the 2013 season, big things were expected from the dynamic Harvin, but we would see him only touch the ball twice during the regular season. Of course, one of those touches was a 58-yard kickoff return. Even hobbled, Harvin is better than most at the football.

The playoffs came and Harvin was healthy once again, giving the Seahawks a threat barely seen during the regular season. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t return a kick during Seattle’s first game against the New Orleans Saints and would be held out of the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers due to a concussion.

Then came the Super Bowl and a ready-to-go playmaker. Harvin only caught one pass and ran the ball just twice, but oh that kick return. Up 22-0 over the Denver Broncos, the Seahawks hoped to put more points on the board during their first drive of the second half. They wouldn’t have to wait long as Harvin would go 87 yards for the score. It was the fifth touchdown return of his career and by far the biggest of them all.

My obsession with Percy Harvin is no secret. As much talent as there was on the 2006 and 2008 Gators’ national title teams, Harvin was over-the-top special. We may never see such a pure athlete in orange and blue again. There are other names I could mention here that contributed greatly to one or both of those teams, but when Harvin got the ball, you made sure you were watching. Something jaw-dropping was about to happen.

On Sunday night, the oft-injured star made his mark again, this time on football’s biggest stage. Plenty of former Florida players have won the Super Bowl, but last night was Harvin’s moment. Congrats Percy. Go Gators!

The Super Bowl Giveth, The Super Bowl Taketh Away

Tomorrow, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will compete in the Super Bowl. Once the game is over, so will be football.

Percy Harvin, Seattle Seahawks

For some of us, that may be a good thing. The Florida Gators posted a record of 4-8 during the 2013 regular season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won as many games despite having four more chance to add to their victory total. That’s eight combined wins for the teams I consider myself a fan of. Eight total wins and 20 losses. The end of the current football season can’t come soon enough for me.

I will miss it of course. I’m not completely dead inside. I will miss the victories, though few and far between recently. I will miss the anticipation and hope. I will miss those that stuck together in all kinds of weather. But there is plenty I won’t miss.

I won’t miss poor offensive play, and poor is a nice way to put it. I won’t miss injuries. I won’t miss coaching hot seats. I won’t miss the fan 20 years my senior that hates Jeff Driskel with a passion reserved for, well, I can’t really imagine where you find that kind of hate within you. I won’t miss losing two or three times as many games as you win.

Luckily, football never really comes to an end. Mere days after the Super Bowl is National Signing Day–a recruiting fan’s dream date. Following NSD, we gear up for the NFL Draft. During the summer, we talk recruiting and anticipation and hope begins to build again. All along, if you’re so inclined, you can bet on the upcoming season (find the latest odds online with Betfair). The games may end, but football doesn’t.

Tomorrow, the final game of the 2013 season is played. For us Gators, we have Percy Harvin and Andre Caldwell and Jeremy Mincey to cheer for. One team will be wearing orange and blue, even if their quarterback could never beat Florida. We have 60 minutes of game time left. 60 minutes before the offseason truly begins and hope returns.

Tim Tebow Pokes Fun At Brady Quinn, Notre Dame; Internet Loses Its Mind

Tim Tebow can do just about anything and turn it into news. That should be rephrased. Tim Tebow can do just about anything and we turn it into news. We’re all guilty, as much as we want to blame the “large” news providers. Everything he does generates a discussion. Such is the life of someone in the spotlight that generates so much love, but equal amounts of hate.

Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn, Denver BroncosThe latest has Tebow poking fun at former Denver Broncos teammate Brady Quinn and Notre Dame. If you can even call it that. It seemed like a harmless joke on Tebow’s part. Some believed it was actually an attack.

“I had a teammate at Denver who played the same position as me and he went to the University of Notre Dame. He would brag about his university, how great it was. Most of us in the locker room were like, ‘C’mon, we all had opportunities. We chose not to go there.’ … But he talked so much about his university that it became easy. I’d say, ‘Your whole team had one guy who ran under a 5.0 40. Our kicker ran under 5.0.” – Tim Tebow, New York Jets Quarterback

The former Florida Gators star said the above. Most of you are thinking it’s harmless. The rest of you want blood. Just take a look at the comments on this piece about the mystery of the disappearing story that originally had this quote. On second thought, don’t. Your brain will hurt.

It had been some time since Tebow was at the forefront of the news cycle, but thanks to us he’s back. At some point during Tebow’s career, we all took a side. He can do no wrong. He’ll never make it in the NFL. He’s the greatest college football player of all time. It’s all an act. I LOVE HIM! I HATE HIM! Honestly, it’s exhausting.

I’m a Tebow fan. I don’t deny that. I’ve questioned his ability to play quarterback in the NFL full time. Many have. That doesn’t make me less of a fan of the man that did so much for the Gators. I’m interested in his career progression and I’ll be watching New York Jets games during the 2012 NFL season. Tebow isn’t my favorite former Gator, but he’s up there. When I first read the quote about Quinn, I laughed. Then I discovered the world’s reaction. We’ve all lost our minds.

Can we all just agree on one thing? Florida kickers are fast.

Tim Tebow Traded To New York Jets

He was, and then he wasn’t, and then he was. It’s now official, former Florida Gators’ star quarterback Tim Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets. The Denver Broncos have sent Tebow and a seventh-round draft pick to the Jets for a fourth- and sixth-round selection. All of the draft picks included in the trade are for the 2012 NFL Draft.

Due to stipulations in his contract regarding advancement of salary, the Tebow-to-New-York deal appeared to have hit a snag on Wednesday. It even looked like he may be headed somewhere else when the Broncos and the Jets had trouble coming to an agreement. In the end, New York agreed to pay half of the $5 million back to the Broncos that had already been advanced to Tebow before the 2011 season. It’s a little confusing, but what we do know is that Tebow is now a New York Jet, set to be Mark Sanchez’s backup.

There are critics and will be more – such is the nature of this being Tim Tebow we’re talking about – but it presents an interesting situation. The Jets seemed to be unimpressed with Sanchez despite playoff success during his first two seasons in the league. New York failed to make the playoffs in Sanchez’s third season, but the quarterback did improve his efficiency rating and completion percentage to set career highs. The numbers are far from impressive, but were enough to change the tide on the team’s perception of their passer and earn Sanchez a three-year, $40.5 million contract extension.

Tebow isn’t being brought in to unseat Sanchez, but instead will likely fit into a role as a change-of-pace quarterback mostly running out of the wildcat. There are still those that have their doubts about Tebow’s chances to be a starting quarterback long-term, so going somewhere where he doesn’t have to immediately “save” a team may be good for him. With the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tebow would have been expected to not only produce wins, but also rescue a franchise in trouble in more ways than one. In New York, Tebow can become part of a team that has a lot of good parts, but needs some help.

Then there’s the other side; the side that believes Tebow should be the man wherever he goes. It can’t be denied that he produced wins in 2011 and was one of the biggest sports’ stories in recent memory. His teammates loved him, fans continued to adore him, and he took a team falling apart to the playoffs. But there was suddenly no room for Tebow when the Broncos signed Peyton Manning earlier this week. Playing behind Manning could have been the perfect situation for Tebow, but as soon as John Elway found another quarterback, the writing was on the wall. Elway never seemed to believe Tebow was the long-term answer and because of that we were all presented with the trade on Wednesday.

A new chapter begins for the former Gator great. It’s a chapter many are eager to read, one critics would rather skip over, but definitely a situation we’ll all pay great attention to. Tim Tebow, we’re all watching as we always have been.

Florida Gators For Sale: Tim Tebow, Gators Or Broncos? Take Your Pick

Florida Gators For Sale brings you the best or worst Gators items for sale we could find on the Internet. It provides you with orange and blue memorabilia you either must add to your collection or keep as far away from it as possible.

You either love Tim Tebow or you hate him, but if you’ve made your way to this site, chances are you’re pretty fond of the former Gator great. Unfortunately, Tebow has moved on to the NFL and the Denver Broncos meaning we’ll never see him in a Florida uniform again…on the field.

Off the field is a different matter entirely. If you’re having trouble choosing which Tebow you like better, why not go for both? The figure pictured can actually be yours if eBay and bidding are your thing. As of the posting of this, the auction for the figure was still open. Gator? Bronco? Take both.

For more custom figures, check out the seller’s site.

Tim Tebow, D1, And My Drive To Work

Every weekday morning, I make the trek from the area just north of Tampa into the city for work. I’m not alone on my drive; there are days when it seems half the world is taking the same expressway I do. I pass landmarks I’ve become very familiar with having spent most of my life in the Tampa area. One of those is the billboard that toward the end of each year promotes the Outback Bowl and continues to do so well into the New Year after the game is a distant memory. Another is the Circuit City in the Citrus Park area; or at least the building that once was a Circuit City.
The Circuit City closed its doors a few years ago, but the familiar red dot remained making it easy to recognize what it once was. Recently, that dot was filled with a square containing a D and a 1. A quick search told me that D1 was a sports training facility for athletes, or basically a place I would most likely never step foot in. I would have known that had I paid more attention to the training of athletes and one in particular. I didn’t think much of it and quickly erased to knowledge of its existence from my mind…until today.

D1 and that particular location are linked with the Florida Gators in a way that I was unaware of, but one which will be surely become an important part of orange and blue history. Okay, so that last part isn’t true, but there is a link. Tim Tebow is the co-owner of the facility and another D1 location in Savannah, GA. Tebow owns the newest D1 with former Florida State Seminoles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks, some guy I’m told plays baseball named Chipper Jones and wrestler Chris Jericho.
According to Only Gators Get Out Alive, Tebow will host an event for members sometime in the near future. I won’t be a member and as I mentioned am unlikely to ever walk through the front doors, but now I have something else to associate with the former Florida superstar. Now if I can just convince D1 to change their corporate colors.

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Tim Tebow Named Denver Broncos Starting Quarterback…For 2012 Season

All Tim Tebow did during the 2011 season was pass for twice as many touchdowns as interceptions, rush for 660 yards at over five yards per carry and lead the Denver Broncos to the second round of the NFL Playoffs. It wasn’t always pretty and at times it was downright ugly (see: losses to the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs at the end regular season), but it was more than enough.

Tebow has already been named the starter for 2012, sort of. On Monday, chief of football operations and former Broncos great John Elway said Tebow had more than earned the right to enter camp for the 2012 season as the starter. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but there are still some out there that don’t believe winning accounts for much. The former Florida Gators star completed less than 50% of his passes and while he looked great in a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, he wasn’t able to move the ball in the subsequent loss to the New England Patriots. Critics will point to that final loss as their proof Tebow can’t succeed in the NFL. Supporters will point to the fact that the Broncos even played in that game as their proof that Tebow helped the team reach unexpected heights.

Football is a team sport and Tebow has plenty of teammates. He can’t be given credit for all of the success the Broncos had in 2011, but he also can’t be blamed for their losses. What we do know is that there were four overtime wins, plenty of “did you see that” moments and at least one team in the playoffs that no one thought would be there. The jury is still out on Tebow’s long-term prospects as an NFL quarterback, but for now he’s earned the right to continue at the position for a few more snaps.

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“Tim Tebow’s Fire” – John Parr

This is just so horribly awfully inexplicably bad. And it’s not even a parody; that’s the real John Parr signing. You know, the guy who performed the original St. Elmo’s Fire. I’ll admit I have certain like for things of the 1980s. I grew up through the decade and enjoy a cheesy 80s movie or hair band from time to time and, yes, as a fan of the Florida Gators and Tim Tebow, I was intrigued when I first heard about this. But no. NO! MAKE IT STOP!

Tim Tebow Show Renewed For One More Episode; Denver Broncos Win

I’ll preface this by saying the Denver Broncos won their playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. The Denver Broncos pulled ahead early and got the victory in overtime. The Denver Broncos will go on to face the New England Patriots in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs on Saturday, January 14.

Okay, enough of that. TIM TEBOW!!! AHHHH!!!

The former Florida Gators star led the Broncos to overtime fireworks and a spot in the next round. In his first career playoff game, Tebow’s 10 completions on 21 passing attempts isn’t anything to be surprised about – accuracy has been and will be an issue – but he did manage 316 yards in the air against the league’s top passing defense. His 125.6 rating, yup, tops in Broncos playoff history. And then, there was this:

If you expected the Broncos to run, run, run during their first offensive possession of overtime, you were probably paying less than passive attention at the start of the extra frame. Just like that, it was over. Tebow hit Demaryius Thomas over the middle and Thomas did the rest, racing 80 yards for the winning score.

Whether you love him or hate him or believe he’ll make a full career out of being a professional quarterback, Tebow is headed to the next round and you’ll hear plenty about him for another week. A team that was expected to finish somewhere near the bottom of the standings took down one of the NFL’s great dynasties and now moves on to another. If you’re a Tebow fan, you’re still on cloud nine. If you’re a Florida fan, you’re still grinning. If you’re a sports fan in general, you’ll be watching in five days when Tebow and the Broncos attempt to do it all again.

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