The Long Snapper (6/11/10)

College football.  Quick and to the point.  All new issue free of expansion talk!
USF’s football team is making progress in terms of academics.  The Bulls’ four-year score increase matched Illinois for largest in the nation.  USF achieved a 956 this year raising their four-year score from 909 to 930.  Four years ago, the Bulls scored an 879.  Quite an improvement in that span.  And in case you’re wondering, the lowest score in the Big East goes to Louisville at 926.  Get those kids headed in the right direction Charlie!
Remember Demar Dorsey?  Sure you do.  Super recruit who committed to Florida, flirted with Tennessee, and then signed with Michigan.  Well folks, he won’t end up a Wolverine.  After qualifying academically (supposedly), Dorsey wasn’t admitted by Michigan.  It’s rumored prior charges may have had something to do with it.  Dorsey had previously been charged with two felonies – one was dismissed and he was acquitted of the other.  The defensive back was recruiting by virtually every big school and could end up anywhere now that he has been released from his letter of intent.
The Colorado Rockies seem to have a thing for college football quarterbacks.  They have a couple of former SEC QBs in their organization and just added two from the ACC.  With the 26th pick in the draft, the Rockies took Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker.  Earlier this season, Parker became the first athlete to throw 20 passes and hit 20 homeruns in one academic year in division one college athletics history.  Being selected that high could mean Parker won’t be returning to the Tigers’ football team.  Colorado may offer him more than enough money to make that decision for him, but head coach Dabo Swinney hopes Parker realizes he’s an extremely talented football player as well.  First round talent though?  Probably not.
In the fourth round, the Rockies selected NC State quarterback Russell Wilson.  Wilson threw 31 touchdown passes to lead the ACC last season and hit .306 for the baseball team.  Unlike Parker, he already seems sure of his future.  Wilson would like to see what he can do in the Rockies system as well as return to play QB for the Wolfpack.  He’s hoping arrangements can be made for him to do both.

Morning Reading: Another Great Thing about College Football

Less than two weeks into the 2009 season and the ACC has given us a couple of close primetime games. Can’t say I can complain about a good football game regardless of who’s playing. Last night’s contest went from sure blowout to comeback special to exciting end. Georgia Tech held on to beat a Clemson team they were expected to beat. But the Tigers definitely exposed some weaknesses during the second half. They showed what we’ve always known; if you stay disciplined, you can stop the option. Unfortunately for Clemson, they couldn’t stick with their assignments enough and in the end GT was able to get the win. But in that second half, the Yellow Jackets didn’t look as unstoppable as they did during the first half. GT can and will have a good season. But a fast, strong, smart defense will shut them down.

There’s so much about the game we love, but last night we saw something else. Pegged as a matchup between two of the nation’s premier running backs, Clemson and Georgia Tech was supposed to be a good one. And it was, it just wasn’t the Jonathan Dwyer/C.J. Spiller Show that may have been expected. And that’s a great thing.

Dwyer had a pedestrian outing, rushing for 66 yards on 18 carries. Spiller had a better night, carrying the ball 20 times for 87 yards and catching four passes for 69 yards and a touchdown. Definitely not a bad night, but not off the charts either. But again, it was a great thing.

First of all, we were reintroduced to Anthony Allen. Allen starred as a true freshman at Louisville in 2006, leading the team with 13 rushing touchdowns. He led Georgia Tech with 127 yards on only five carries last night, including an 82-yard touchdown rumble to open the scoring. Oh and he just happens to be from Tampa (Jesuit).

And we saw potential in Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker. It started off rough for Parker as he couldn’t seem to get anything going against the GT defense. But he calmed down and started hitting his marks in the second half. Two third-quarter touchdown passes put Clemson right back in the game. Parker hasn’t had the smoothest start to the season, but you can see he has the tools and will only improve.

So it doesn’t have to be about the big names. Someone can and will emerge and as fans, we’ll be pleasantly surprised.