Leon Orr Finds Trouble Again; Gators Defensive Tackle Driving Without A License

Florida Gators’ defensive tackle Leon Orr has had a rough start to his college experience. While learning in the classroom and on the practice field, Orr’s extracurricular activities have gone down a different path. On Monday, Orr was cited for driving without a license. The citation marks the fifth time Orr has found himself in some sort of trouble with the law in less than two years.

While most of Orr’s offenses have come while he’s behind the wheel, his January arrest for marijuana possession is what will stick in the minds of most. Orr’s prosecution in that case was deferred, but the recent citation could impact that. As part of that agreement, he was to obey all laws for six months following the decision (it might be a good idea to just go ahead and obey all laws, well, forever).

With another incident in the books, it’s hard to imagine Orr’s shot at playing time actually increasing. He’ll need a quick turn for the better if he hopes to advance his football career in a positive manner.

Gators Defensive Tackle Nick Alajajian Has Wrist Surgery

Senior Nick Alajajian underwent wrist surgery on Tuesday. The Florida Gators defensive tackle had been having trouble with his wrist throughout spring practice. With the Orange and Blue Debut having come and gone, now was the perfect time for Alajajian to have the surgery and have the time to get healthy for fall practice.

Already a senior, Alajajian’s career at Florida seems to have gone by almost too quickly. Having spent his first three years as a reserve offensive lineman, Alajajian made the switch to defensive tackle in preparation for the 2012 season.

He has appeared in 32 games and got his first start in the Gator Bowl following the conclusion of the 2011 season. Although Alajajian will provide depth at DT, his path to significant playing time won’t be any easier. He shares the position with Sharrif Floyd, Dominique Easley, Omar Hunter, Leon Orr and Damien Jacobs. JaFar Mann and Dante Phillips will join the Gators in the fall.

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Deferred Prosecution For Leon Orr After Arrest For Marijuana Possession

Last week, we learned that Florida Gators’ defensive lineman Leon Orr was arrested on January 10 for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of narcotic equipment. This week, Orr agreed to deferred prosecution in the case.

This is Orr’s first offense and as part of the agreement he had to pay the $50 cost of prosecution. He will also have to either pay a $150 fine or complete 12 and a half hours of community service. I’m not the one with the choice here, but I’d say go with the community service. Not necessarily to have an extra $150 in your pocket, but to get out and do something nice in the community.

Orr is expected to be a part of the defensive line rotation in 2012 and there is no word yet if he will miss any games due to suspension.

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Gators Defensive Lineman Leon Orr Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana

Filed under “we all did stupid things when we were young,” Florida Gators defensive lineman Leon Orr was arrested on January 10 for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of narcotic equipment. Orr was arrested after a University Police Department officer found a bag containing marijuana during a search of the lineman’s dorm room. Formal charges are pending until Orr is arraigned on February 8. Florida head coach Will Muschamp has apparently handled the issue internally.
I’m not promoting the use of marijuana when I say we all did stupid things when we were young. I’m simply saying just that. While the use of “all” makes that statement less than entirely accurate, Orr made a mistake many do and has hopefully learned from it.
Arrests such as these typically evolve into discussions over the legalization of marijuana, but I won’t go there. All I will say is what I’ve said numerous times in the past; whether you believe it should be legalized, the fact remains that as of this moment – and the one during which Orr was arrested – possession of marijuana is illegal. Whether you choose to play by the rules or not is up to you, but you can’t be too surprised when you’re caught for violating them. Many of us have done stupid things, and many of us have paid the consequences.
For those keeping count at home, Orr’s arrest is the eighth for the Gators under Muschamp. No, that isn’t a good number.
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Florida Gators Defensive Line – 2010 vs. 2011

Part six in a series where The Bull Gator and I go over the Florida roster differences from this season to last and what to expect in 2011. To read past installments, click each position: quarterbacks, running backs and fullbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, offensive line.

2010: Gary Beemer – RSR, Terron Sanders – RSR, Duke Lemmens – SR, Justin Trattou – SR, Jaye Howard – RJR, William Green – JR, Omar Hunter – RSO, Lerentee McCray – RSO, Earl Okine – RSO, Kendric Johnson – RFR, Dominique Easley – FR, Shariff Floyd – FR, Leon Orr – FR, Ronald Powell – FR, Lynden Trail – FR
Preseason Rating: C
Postseason Rating: D
First and foremost, you know I had to include Gary Beemer in my list, even though typically we try to include only the scholarship players on the roster who have (or had) a significant chance of playing. But everybody loves Beemer!
When initially looking at the 2010 defensive line, I think a lot of fans and analysts would have given UF a preseason grade of B. But I personally did not have very high hopes for the 2010 defensive line…and they certainly didn’t disappoint me.
My reasons for doubt were mainly two-fold. First, half of the defensive linemen were players who had been at UF for a while, but had yet to really step up and become consistent producers. Players like Terron Sanders, Duke Lemmens, Justin Trattou, Jaye Howard and William Green could all fit this billing at the start of last season. This wasn’t necessarily their fault entirely, as some of the defensive linemen that we had in the years prior to 2010 were pretty darn good, so cracking the starting lineup was not an easy task. But nonetheless, leaning on these unproven commodities is something that I personally was not very comfortable doing.
My second concern was that we were putting the other half of our eggs in the “this freshman is going to be a beast” basket. Many were thinking that the fabulous threesome of Dominique Easley, Shariff Floyd and Ronald Powell would be all-world the second they walked onto Florida Field. Realistically, this just wasn’t possible, especially at the defensive lineman position, which is a position where few underclassmen excel.
At the end of the season, the defensive line stats were fairly abysmal. This unit accounted for only 12 sacks the entire season, two fumble recoveries (against USF and Vanderbilt) and one forced fumble (Vandy). Of the 12 sacks, only two came in what I like to term as “important games.” In the last four games of the season, this group registered only one sack and in the five losses they accounted for only two. Of the top 10 leading tacklers on the team, only three were defensive lineman (Trattou 57, Lemmens 43, and Howard 29). The only two defensive linemen that had double-digit tackles for loss were Trattou and Howard, both with 12 each.
In a nutshell, the defensive line was poor. Piss poor.
2011: Jaye Howard – RSR, William Green – SR, Omar Hunter – RJR, Lerentee McCray – RJR, Earl Okine – RJR, Kendric Johnson – RSO, Dominique Easley – SO, Shariff Floyd – SO, Leon Orr – RFR, Lynden Trail – RFR, Clay Burton – FR, Tevin Westbrook – FR
Preseason Rating: A
Wait a second One Eyed Willy, didn’t you just get finished calling the defensive line poor? Piss poor? And now you are giving them an A grade heading into the 2011 season?
That’s right kids…I am!
Although the lack of depth for the 2011 defensive line is certainly a concern – so much so that Will Muschamp seems to bring it up during every single interview he does – the guys that will play are going to be good. Scary good.
The middle of the line should be just about the best in the nation. With Howard leading the way, the likes of Floyd, Easley and Omar Hunter (and maybe Leon Orr as well) should have much more success than they did last year disrupting run plays and hassling the quarterback of the opposing team. With 12 more months of playing time under their belts, I especially expect Floyd and Easley to be leaps-and-bounds ahead of where they were to start the 2010 season. And if everything we have been hearing over the past few months is true, no one has been able to stop our defensive tackles from getting in the backfield. Let’s hope that trend continues.
The defensive end position will probably look better during the season mainly because opposing teams will have to key against the “big nasties” in the middle. Powell, who will technically play the Buck linebacker position, will line up a lot at defensive end and should be able to use his size and incredible speed to torment opposing QBs. If veterans like Green or Lerentee McCray or youngsters like Lynden Trail or Clay Burton can step up and be relied upon to play important minutes this season, they will round up an already impressive group of talent. Finally, don’t be surprised if some of the defensive tackles line up at the end position. Howard is one player in particularly who can play both positions and could be a force on the outside edge, especially during running situations.
In the end, I truly believe that the defense, and ultimately the 2011 team will live-and-die by the defensive line. If this unit is as good as I think (and hope) they can be, I truly believe this team can surprise a lot of people this year and make a run at the SEC Championship. If, on the other hand, this unit plays like it did last season, you may want to take the under 7.5 wins that Vegas just released!

New Florida Gators Jersey Numbers for 2010

Florida released their full roster for the 2010 season last week and along with it came the newest jersey numbers.  We already knew about some of the freshman – those that have been around since the spring – but now the rest have numbers as well.  Don’t think these are definitely what they will wear once they hit the field one day (jersey numbers have been known to change), but for most of them, this is it.
And for fun I’ve added some memorable former Gators that have worn those numbers. Well, memorable according to my standards. You may have a different view entirely.
7 – Ronald Powell – DE – Jesse Palmer, Danny Wuerffel, Lorenzo Hampton, John Reaves
8 – Adrian Coxson – WR – Carlos Dunlap, Chad Jackson, Rex Grossman, Don Gaffney
10 – Tyler Murphy – QB – Jabar Gaffney, John Capel, Eric Kresser, Monty Grow, Chan Gailey
13 – Trey Burton – QB – Alex Brown, Ray Criswell
14 – Jaylen Watkins – CB – Bart Edmiston, Shayne Edge, Ernie Mills, Bruce Bennett
22 – Matt Elam – S – Terry Jackson, Willie Jackson Jr., Emmitt Smith, John L. Williams, Willie Jackson Sr., Steve Tannen
25 – Gideon Ajagbe – LB – Brandon James, Elijah Williams, Stacey Simmons, Lee McGriff
27 – Chris Dunkley – WR – Neal Anderson
29 – Joshua Shaw – CB – Mike Peterson
30 – Jonathan Dowling – S – Earl Everett, James Jones
31 – Cody Riggs – CB – Johnny Lamar, Carlton Miles
32 – Gerald Christian – TE – Dustin Doe, Eugene McCaslin
33 – Mack Brown – RB – Kestahn Moore, Ran Carthon, Teako Brown, Errict Rhett, Larry Smith
37 – Brandon Sanders – CB – Reggie Davis
38 – Phillip Bellino – RB – Matt Piotrowicz
39 – Jordan Haden – S – Chris Hetland
48 – Neiron Ball – NT – Dexter Daniels
49 – Darrin Kitchens – LB – Jermaine Cunningham, Jeff Chandler
51 – Michael Taylor – LB – Brandon Spikes, David Little
58 – Dominique Easley – DT – Johnny Rutledge
68 – Leon Orr – DT – Mike Degory, Rhondy Weston
73 – Sharrif Floyd – DT – David Williams
75 – Chaz Green – OL – Phil Trautwein, Shannon Snell, Donnie Young, Lomas Brown
77 – Ian Silberman – OL – Max Starks, Cheston Blackshear
81 – Robert Clark – WR – Aaron Hernandez, Dallas Baker
83 – Solomon Patton – WR – Dwayne Dixon
84 – Quinton Dunbar – WR – Ben Troupe, Harrison Houston
85 – Lynden Trail – DE – David Galloway
88 – Michael McFarland – TE – Kirk Kirkpatrick, Wilber Marshall, Jim Yarbrough
An interesting number assignment to note: Dunkley.  The receiver has been rumored to be getting #5, but is listed at #27.  No one on the roster is currently listed at #5, so Dunkley could still get it, but as of right now he has something else.

Breaking Down the Florida Gators’ 2010 Recruiting Class – Part 3

Previous breakdowns: Part 1, Part 2
Jordan Haden
DB – 6’0″, 198 lbs. – Fort Washington, MD – Friendly
With the bevy of talent coming in at defensive back, Haden almost seems forgotten at times.  For the last few months everyone has wanted to talk about Matt Elam, Joshua Shaw, Jonathan Dowling, Cody Riggs, and ever Demar Dorsey.  Many tend to forget Haden is already enrolled and adjusting to life at Florida.  Don’t sleep on the latest Haden to suit up for the Gators.  He could make a big impact sooner than many think.  And hopefully the Haden-to-Florida line doesn’t stop with him.
Darrin Kitchens
LB – 6’3″, 215 lbs. – Homestead, FL – Homestead
Along with Adrian Coxson and Chaz Green, Kitchens was one of the Signing Day commits.  Take a look at his rankings and you might not be all that impressed, but Kitchens in an extremely athletic linebacker that could see time at a few other positions as well.  He’s one of those never stop going guys that is every coach’s dream.  A redshirt is most likely in his immediate future, but he should provide solid play for years after that.
Michael McFarland
TE – 6’6″, 230 lbs. – Tampa, FL – Blake
McFarland was headed toward a grayshirt season before Dorsey dropped/was dropped.  It also didn’t hurt that Auburn started to put the full-court press on the Tampa tight end.  McFarland’s grayshirt future lasted only a few short days and he will instead now join his fellow classmates as a freshman in the fall.  McFarland is a project who won’t see the field for a while, but should be more than ready when he does.
Tyler Murphy
QB – 6’2″, 190 lbs. – Wethersfield, CT – Wethersfield
Murphy is the question mark of the class.  Rivals.com rates him as a two-star dual-threat quarterback and the tenth-best prospect from the state of Connecticut.  To many that doesn’t sound like Florida Gator material, but Murphy is a QB who can run effectively with the ball and may have a better arm than you think.  Having run a spread offense in high school helps his transition to Florida.  Murphy may not end up spending his entire career at quarterback, but is an intriguing prospect nonetheless.
Leon Orr
DT – 6’4″, 300 lbs. – New Port Richey, FL – Gulf
Orr gets a little lost in the shuffle behind those other defensive linemen ranked near the top of most recruiting lists, but he shouldn’t.  A great overall talent for someone his size, Orr will most likely play defensive tackle for the Gators.  He should make the adjustment well given his strength.  Orr may also be used to provide depth along the offensive line.  Think of him as the Matt Patchan type that could be used a variety of different ways.
Solomon Patton
WR – 5’10”, 175 lbs. – Mobile, AL – Murphy
Although Chris Dunkley is the one everyone mentions, Patton may be a step ahead of the other receivers because he enrolled early.  Patton possesses above average speed, but his biggest strength may be his field vision.  He has that ability to find open space similar to what Percy Harvin had.  Not that I’m comparing Patton to Harvin, but he does have a great ability to know where to run and how to get into the open field.  Patton could see time early depending on how the depth chart shapes up.
Ronald Powell
DE – 6’4″, 230 lbs. – Moreno Valley, CA – Rancho Verde
The star of the class, Powell gives Florida the top prospect in the nation.  Whether it’s at defensive end, outside linebacker, or tight end, Powell will make an immediate impact.  He has all the tools to star at any position and according to coaches could play multiple.  Although that’s said much more often than it actually happens.  Expect Powell to be one of the top contributing players for years.  And expect Florida coaches to use his success to pluck a few more future Gators out of California.
Come back tomorrow for the final part.

Florida Recruits Climb Up (and Fall Down) the Rankings

I’m a Rivals.com junkie. There’s no better way to put it. I think for the most part you’re either a Rivals fan or a Scout fan. And I’m a believer that it all spends on where you went first. There’s nothing wrong with Scout, I personally, just prefer Rivals. So it’s where I go to check out recruit rankings and of course, the Rivals100.

Rivals.com released a new set of rankings today and of course some future Florida stars moved up (and down) the list. No need to worry about the crown jewel of the class. Matt Elam did fall a couple of spots, but still remains in the top 10, keeping his title of highest ranked commit. A few others – Jonathan Dowling, Ian Silberman, and Jaylen Watkins – all remained in the Rivals100 and had minimal movement.

The biggest moves involved Gerald Christian, Victor Hampton, and Leon Orr. Christian and Hampton both fell out of the Rivals100 and there were reasons behind both moves. Christian has been labeled a tight end this time around (he was a defensive end). While he’s a good tight end, it can be assumed the rankings had previously focused on his defensive skills and he will be evaluated differently from this point forward.

Although Hampton’s drop was expected, it was for very different reasons. Hampton is moving from Independence (Charlotte, NC) to Darlington (Darlington, SC) for his senior year and there is some speculation as to the reason why. I won’t get into what at this point is only conjecture, but possible off-the-field issues could be the reason behind his fall in the rankings.

The big surprise came in the 300 pound package that is Orr. The defensive tackle has exploded up the rankings after his performance at a 7-on-7 tournament. Orr went from not even being considered one of the best 250 players in the nation to settling in comfortably in the Rivals100.

So there you have it. The Gators among the top 100 players in the nation. Remember though, for every Eric Berry (shameless plug to a previous TBG post), who was ranked third overall in 2007, there’s a Fred Rouse, sixth overall in 2005.

Eight is Great; Florida Picks Up Another Commitment

Florida’s basketball team won’t be dancing, so the Elite 8 is out of the question. At least until the NIT starts marketing its final octet of teams in the same manner as its big brother – the NCAA Tournament – does. But the Gator football team has an elite eight of its own. As in, eight commitments for the 2010 recruiting class.

Enter Leon Orr. A 6’6”, 300 lb. offensive lineman from Gulf (New Port Richey, FL), not only is Powe bigger than you, he’s more athletic. Powe has been a super secret handshake commit for weeks now, but decided it was the right time to make it public. With good size, surprising agility, and a desire to do whatever he can to get on the field, Powe can play any position across the line.

Because we all know recruits frequent this site, we say welcome to the orange and blue Leon! Do us proud!