Transfer News: Matt Patchan and De’Ante Saunders To Leave Florida Gators

We’re back from the holidays, but two (now former) Florida Gators won’t be. Redshirt junior offensive lineman Matt Patchan and sophomore safety De’Ante “Pop” Saunders are leaving the program.

Matt Patchan - Florida Gators

Patchan came to the Gators out of Tampa, FL (Armwood) in 2008. After being one of the nation’s most sought after recruits, he saw immediate playing time as a freshman. After spending time on the defensive line as a freshman, he moved to the offensive side of the ball. The future looked promising for Patchan, but then injuries took their toll. In 2009, he appeared in only four games and then missed the entire 2010 season. Patchan was able to appear in 12 games in 2011, but wasn’t healthy enough to play in 2012. He recently graduated and will look to move to a graduate program elsewhere so he can play immediately. Likely destinations are Boston College–where former Florida offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Steve Addazio is now the head coach–or Ohio State–where Urban Meyer will begin his second season as head coach in 2013.

Saunders was a bit of a fly-under-the-radar recruit coming out of Deland (Deland, FL). He was only considered a three-star recruit, but there was plenty of talk of his potential to become a big-time player. Saunders came on strong out of the gate as a true freshman, showing vast improvement over the course of his first season with the Gators. He played in 12 games in 2011 and started eight. Saunders was expected to be an important part of the Gators’ defense in 2012, but he only appeared in eight games after missing the first two and last two. There was talk of injury problems, but discipline also came into the discussions. Saunders has now been released from his scholarship. He has already mentioned Louisville as a possible destination.

Florida head coach Will Muschamp has yet to comment on either player’s departure.

Swamp Talk: The Miami Scandal And Its Impact On Florida

Wil and I got together to record a few episodes of Swamp Talk for your listening pleasure. He’s the one that sounds like he knows what he’s doing and I’m the other guy. For all of the episodes, check out Upon Further Review Sports Talk Radio where you can also find a number of things not related to Florida (although we know you’re heading there for Gator bits first).

In this episode, we talk about the Miami scandal and its possible impact on Florida. We discuss the Gators named – Andre Debose and Matt Patchan – and how thankful we are that both were cleared by the NCAA. We also discuss what could happen to the Hurricanes’ program and even delve into Urban Meyer’s thoughts and debate if he even has the right to have any thoughts (Wil and I disagree slightly here, but don’t worry, it didn’t come to blows…which is good, he would destroy me).
Hope you enjoy and be sure to check back. More episodes are coming soon and we’ll have plenty throughout the season.

Andre Debose And Matt Patchan Cleared To Play

File this under News We Already Know. Doing some cleanup after a quick vacation and an ongoing bug that is doing it’s best to destroy any enjoyment I might have in life.
There you have it. You can go ahead and wipe the sweat off of your brow and let out a sigh of relief. Andre Debose and Matt Patchan have been cleared to play. To read the full quote from the University of Florida, check out Alligator Army, but here’s the basic idea: there are no eligibility issues with either player. Both can play, so says the NCAA (hey, it’s Friday, I don’t apologize for a rhyme here and there).
This is great news for Florida, but continues to be bad news for Miami. The NCAA was quick to inform Florida, Georgia, and Kansas State of the eligibility of Debose, Patchan, Orson Charles, and Bryce Brown. What does that mean for the Hurricanes? It means they’re the focus of the investigation and will be the program on the NCAA’s radar for now.
Be happy the two Gators mentioned have been cleared, but continue to be amazed with the state of college football.

Florida Gators Offensive Line – 2010 vs. 2011

One Eyed Willy and I finish up the Florida offense with the offensive line. To read past installments, click each position: quarterbacks, running backs and fullbacks, wide receivers, tight ends.

2010: Marcus Gilbert – RSR, Maurice Hurt – RSR, Carl Johnson – RSR, Mike Pouncey – SR, Matt Patchan – JR, William Steinmann – JR, James Wilson – RJR, Nick Alajajian – SO, Xavier Nixon – SO, Sam Robey – RSO, David Young – RSO, Cole Gilliam – RFR, Chaz Green – FR, Jon Halapio – RFR, Jonotthan Harrison – RFR, Kyle Koehne – RFR, Ian Silberman – FR
Preseason Rating: B
Postseason Rating: D
I’ll start this one off by saying One Eyed Willy and I don’t dislike Florida. It’s quite the opposite. We love the Gators and are as diehard as you can get. However, we’re also very realistic fans who unfortunately can come across as negative from time to time. We joke that I’m the positive side to Willy’s negative, but we can both have our moments. Keep that in mind when reading these position comparisons. We aren’t the “rah rah” types that will go blindly into the future thinking Florida can do no wrong. We love the Gators and support them until the bitter end, but we also analyze practically anything and everything and sometimes that means pointing out areas which can be (or need to be) improved. We don’t apologize for these doses of realism; we’d like you to take a look at the whole picture when discussing your team and not just the fact that you’ve been a fan as long as you can remember. That’s a prelude to saying the 2010 Florida offensive line gets a D.

Let’s start by running down the starter numbers: Mike Pouncey – 13 games, Marcus Gilbert – 13, Maurice Hurt – 11, Carl Johnson – 11, Xavier Nixon – 8, Jon Halapio – 7, Jonotthan Harrison – 1, James Wilson – 1

Look at that and things don’t seem all that bad. Four players started 11 games or more and only eight total started any games. That would make you think the Gators had a relatively stable offensive line that stayed healthy for the most part. Well, see what had happened was…
First off, Matt Patchan didn’t play and Wilson only appeared in two games. The move to center by Pouncey was a disaster at times and only average at others. Hurt and Halapio were inconsistent and the line as a whole struggled to find balance. This is yet another position that can blame its performance on a number of things. From injuries to inconsistent play to schemes, nothing seemed to, for lack of a better term, click. While John Brantley wasn’t the quarterback we all hoped he’d be during his first year as the Gators’ starter, he was given very little time to even think in many situations. The offensive line didn’t give up some jaw dropping number of sacks – 27 total on the season (and four of those came in a game in which Florida beat Vanderbilt by 41 points) – but also didn’t provide a secure pocket for the quarterbacks to work out of.
It was a rough season for the line and one that hardly got better as it progressed. 2011 needs to be a turning point for the unit or the offense may struggle to get started early in games.
2011: William Steinmann – SR, James Wilson – RSR, Dan Wenger – RSR, Xavier Nixon – JR, Matt Patchan – RJR, Sam Robey – RJR, David Young – RJR, Nick Alajajian – RSO, Cole Gilliam – RSO, Jon Halapio – RSO, Jonotthan Harrison – RSO, Kyle Koehne – RSO, Ian Silberman – SO, Chaz Green – RFR, Tommy Jordan – FR, Trip Thurman – FR
Preseason Rating: C
I hate giving a unit a C. I really do. I debated this unit for quite some time. Should I give the 2010 version a D? Should I give the 2011 one the same grade? It would have been extremely easy to give 2011 a B instead of C, but I had to go with my gut on this one.
The 2011 offensive line has potential, but must stay healthy and consistent. Yes, they get a C, but if they finished 2010 with a D, lost the only players that started more than eight games, and added nothing more than a transfer and two freshmen that are very likely to redshirt, giving them another D would have been reasonable as well. However, because of that potential, they’re bumped a grade.
There are a few keys to the line and since we like to make lists around here, I’ll go ahead and make another one:
• The returning players started a total of 17 games in 2010. That isn’t a lot. Not a lot by any means. The unit has to get through its growing pains quickly. Quickly as in the first two games of the season.
• Patchan can be great. He’s a lineman with a mean streak. Unfortunately, he just can’t stay healthy. If Patchan can stay on the field for an entire season guess is there’s one spot we don’t have to worry about.
• This is the last hurrah for Wilson. This is it. He has one last chance to prove he’s the player many thought he could be. This is it. Put up time.
Chaz Green has been said to be an absolute warrior. We’ll see him on the field for the first time this season and we may see him a lot. He could steal a position and not let it go for a few years.
• IS THERE A CENTER?!? Harrison was moved to the position and Dan Wenger transferred in. Why? Because the position is wide open and the main reason is because Sam Robey hasn’t claimed it as his own. Two years ago we heard of the possibility of the Pounceys both playing guard because of this young lineman who was doing so well in practice that he could bounce a potential All-American from the position. Today, the Pounceys are gone and Robey still hasn’t been named the starter. This will be his fourth season with the team. He’s not in the same territory as Wilson, but he’s getting dangerously close.
The line plays an unbelievably important role in the offense and is the key to allowing plays to develop. In 2010, it didn’t come together as expected despite having four seniors across it. This season, the seniors on the roster are a question mark and that will make you lose some sleep. What Charlie Weis and Frank Verducci do with the line could be one of the most important things to follow during the offseason. It won’t take us very long to see how it all went and how it will all go. This is the definitive “keep your fingers crossed” unit.

Matt Jones Commits to Florida, Happy Fun Dance Follows

If you’ve never seen the Happy Fun Dance, you’re missing out.  Few things in life can compare to it and it only comes out in those situations that really warrant it.  You must do it with caution because if not you can seriously hurt yourself.  Loud rap music is played, there’s ample bouncing around as if you have contracted some sort of rare fever, and there could even be a man hug or two.  The last time a true one occurred, Florida had just finished off Oklahoma to win the National Championship.  This time around it may not be of that intensity and joy level, but there’s definitely a little dancing going on.  The feet are moving almost as much as when the Gators picked up Percy Harvin.*

Yesterday, Armwood’s (Seffner, FL) Matt Jones confirmed his intention to attend the University of Florida.  This is good news on many levels and mostly because Jones is extremely talented at the football.  Like could be one of the top players in not only the state but the entire nation talented.  That’s not just TBG hopped up and excited talk.  That’s legitimate.  Jones is that good.  He’s 6’2”, 200 lbs. of power and speed.  He’s the exact type of back Florida has been trying to get for years, but has been unable to secure.  Expect him to add to his already impressive frame and be one of those that sees the field plenty right away.  Of course these are the Gators we’re talking about; plenty of players see the field often early.
We already have a man-crush on Jones.  We can’t help it.  The kid comes from Armwood.  Here’s what you need to know about what Armwood has supplied the Gators with recently: Torrey Davis, Matt Patchan.  Okay, okay.  Davis didn’t end up with the career we all envisioned, but his contribution to taking home the crystal ball only a few years ago was great and therefore he will always get a pass in our book.  As for Patchan, when he plays, he excels.  Problem is he doesn’t play too much, but we can give him some slack for the time being.  After all, he did get shot.  Unlike Plant (Tampa, FL), Armwood seems to like Florida and like sending some of their better players to the Gators.  Jones is the latest and could be one of the best.  As for the other reasons, well there are plenty.  Go watch a highlight video or two.  Head to a game this fall.  Check out Jones every chance you get.  Him good.  Oh so good.  Now we just have to wait 11.5 months for him to sign on the line.
* Harvin, Reggie Nelson.  Neither can do wrong.  You should know this by now.

The Long Snapper (8/10/10)

College football.  James Smith.  Pageant contestants.
Urban Meyer’s health scare has him wishing the best for everyone around him as well.  After getting to the point that he actually resigned his post as head coach at Florida (I hope by now you all know he decided to come back), Meyer has taken his health very seriously and has now extended that to the rest of his staff.
As part of their jobs, the Florida assistants will be going through extensive physicals from now on to make sure everything is running as expected.  This year’s staff did so in April at the request (read: command) of Meyer.  All of the coaches are doing well and can now expect this to be a yearly occurrence.  Meyer won’t let them take any chances with their heath.
This is, of course, a good thing as this season could shape up to be of the “edge of your seat” variety.  The rematch with Alabama is less than two months away and the Gators have to get by a few others on their way there.  As with every year, Meyer expects a lot from his assistants so they must keep healthy.
A few quick notes from Florida practice: Chris Rainey has missed some time due to an accelerated heartbeat, but should be okay soon; Matt Patchan broke his wrist and will be out for up to two weeks; and Josh Haden – the Haden between Joe and Jordan – plans on joining the Gators in January.
And a breakdown of those points from TBG:
Rainey’s condition seems scary at first sight.  Anything with “heart” included in it isn’t to be treated lightly.  But supposedly it’s just that – a light condition that Rainey should have few, if any, problems with.
Just plain bad luck for Patchan.  Hopefully he is only kept out the two weeks and nothing more.  He’s had a rough go of it already and doesn’t need anything else to derail him.  When 100%, Patchan looks good and provides the offensive line with a great backup at the tackle positions.  He may even provide them with a starter, but he has to stay healthy.
Good to see another Haden make his way to the Gators.  Rumors have put Josh at defensive back with Florida despite him seeing time as a running back at Boston College.  We’ll see in the spring when he joins the team.
• The wide receiver position at USF has had its share of issues lately.  Injuries have put a gigantic question mark over who will step up come game time.  A couple pass catchers are performing well in practice and might make you feel a little better.
Isaac Virgin has progressed nicely and seen some time with the first team and junior college transfer T.J. Knowles has become a threat across the middle.  Someone is going to have to step up during the first half of the season.  B.J. Daniels needs to do more with his arm in 2010 and losing receivers isn’t helping.  If Virgin and Knowles keep performing, some of the pressure may be off.

The Long Snapper (3/9/10)

Starting the week off right with another Marvin Kloss story.  Quick recap for those of you that didn’t read my many mentions of the kid or never cared in the first place.  According to some kicking school you’ve never heard of, Kloss was one of the best kicker prospects in the nation.  According to the big-budget recruiting sites, Kloss didn’t exist.  He was offered a scholarship from USF, but turned it down for a chance to go to Florida.  After realizing there was a good chance he wouldn’t qualify, he decided to return to the green and gold and attempt to walk on.  So why am I mentioning him yet again?  Because Kloss was recently arrested on charges of grand theft.  The story is one of those “good job idiot, way to think about your future” ones we all love so much.  Kloss and a high school teammate are accused of stealing over $8,000 worth of items from a home during a party.  A party thrown by not the owner of the house, but by someone who was watching the house while the owner was out of town.  Think Kloss still has preferred walk on status at USF?  I’m going to go with “probably not.”  Skip Holtz has already shown what he tolerates and doesn’t.  If Kloss ever wears a Bulls’ uniform, I’d be very surprised.  But let’s at least hope he doesn’t something to warrant another Long Snapper inclusion in the near future.
Joel Miller has decided not to go forth with a lawsuit against former USF coach Jim Leavitt.  He said everything you would hope someone would say but never does.  That he doesn’t want to make any money off of the incident despite what people think.  Miller felt he had to tell the truth, but claims he didn’t do so to make money and therefore won’t sue his former head coach.  An honorable move I guess, but I’m more excited about the fact that this is just one more step to us not having to hear anymore about what did or didn’t happen in the locker room that day.  More could happen, but for most USF fans, the door is closed.  Leavitt is gone and isn’t coming back, ever.  Everyone seems to have embraced Holtz and can’t wait for his first game on the sidelines.  Think of this as just another hiccup in the ongoing story of Bulls’ football.  A year or two from now, we’ll barely be talking about it.
Matt Patchan is balls.  Anyone that has a story that starts with “so this is how I got shot” earns mention as being tougher than I am in even my best dreams.  Added to his steel is the versatility that makes Patchan desirable at whatever position he comes back at.  From defensive line as a freshman, to offensive line briefly as a sophomore, to the mention of maybe tight end (I’ll believe it when I see it) in 2010.  Right now, Patchan is doing his best to come back from a nasty ACL that cost him a real chance to earn a starting spot along the offensive line during the 2009 season.  He’ll be extremely limited during spring practices, but watch out for him come fall.  He sweats more talent than you’ll have in a lifetime and will star as whatever position he ends up at.
Joe Paterno now has his own award.  Or to be exact, he has an award named in his honor.  The winningest coach in Division 1-A/FBS history will have his name on an award given out by the Maxwell Club.  The Maxwell Club also gives out the, you guessed it, Maxwell Award.  The award givers haven’t decided exactly what the criteria for the Paterno is just yet, but it’ll be something along the lines of the affect a coach has on his team and community.  Basically exactly what embodies the man himself.  I’m still waiting for the Ron Zook Memorial Trophy, but apparently Zook is still alive and well and actually coaching football.
I’m not sure how I feel about the advancement of 3D over the last year or so when it comes to movies.  Some of the ones I’ve seen have looked great, but I have to be honest, in the end, I just end up with a headache.  Due to that, I’m not as excited about true 3D technology coming to our homes and, more importantly, sports in the not-so-distant future.  I love HD.  Who doesn’t?  I don’t feel the same way about 3D.  I’m probably in the minority with that sentiment, but oh well.  Despite the technology offered, I have to wonder if it will really catch on.  Will people really enjoy it as much as everyone seems to think?  Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.  Regardless, I’m reminded of some of the more recent technological failures.
1. Blu-ray won the war and I’m glad I didn’t end up buying this.
2. Sales, no.  Failure, yes.
3. Sony has a lot of hits.  They also have some misses.
4. I actually really enjoyed my Sega Saturn.
The Sixth Man: NCAA Tournament bid or not, USF just finished what has to be considered a great regular season.  At least by Bulls’ standards.  If you had asked me before the season who would’ve had a higher conference win percentage, the football team or the basketball team, I never in a million years would’ve guessed it the way it ended up.  Now USF heads to the Big East Tournament as the nine-seed.  As the highest seed in the first round, the Bulls will face the conference’s last place team in DePaul.  It’ll be the second time in eight days the two teams have squared off.  USF won the previous matchup 63-59.  Get by DePaul and the Bulls will face another team they beat the last time they faced them in Georgetown.  Look at it that way and it seems like the Big Dance is a real possibility.  USF needs some help, but two wins in the tournament of a conference that has five ranked teams at the moment (two of which the Bulls beat during the regular season) and they could get in.  It’s not out of the question.

Do Five-Star Recruits Become Five-Star Performers?

This time of year the college football world goes into a recruiting frenzy.  The season has ended.  Spring games are still months away.  Fall practice seems like it may never get here.  So every fan (at least every diehard) focuses on recruiting.
If you’re like the rest of us fanatics, you want to know anything and everything about the recruits your school is after.  And if you cheer for a big program, five-star prospects offer bragging rights.  Remember that movie with Shaq?  No, not Kazaam.  That other one in which he played (and it was a stretch) a basketball player?  Blue Chips.  That’s what the five-star recruits are.  Blue chips.  They are considered the cream of the crop.  And you want as many of them as scholarships your school has available.
For Florida, the Army All-American Game was a big moment.  Huge in the recruiting world.  The Gators went from having not one five-star prospect committed to have three (according to in only a matter of a few hours.  And if the Under Armour All-American Game the week before was a barometer of those who may get that elusive fifth star in the coming weeks, Florida may end up with five or six when all is said and done.
Since 2002 (and not including the current recruiting class), Florida has signed 22 five-star prospects.  Looking back over the 22, you can see some definite success stories and some definite misses.  Due to this, a few friends (One Eyed Willy, KP, and Vanilla Bear) and I decided to perform a little exercise and rate each player from one to five stars based on how they played or the potential they now present.  In the end, we only rated 19 of the 22, leaving off the three from the 2009 recruiting class (Gary Brown, Andre Debose, and Jelani Jenkins) due to redshirting and lack of anything to accurately rate them on.  Our goal was to determine who lived up to the hype and who went in the other direction.  And here are the results:
5.00 Stars – Derrick Harvey, Percy Harvin, Jarvis Moss, Brandon Spikes, Tim Tebow – These are the guys that met the hype head on, ran it over, and never looked back.  It was unanimous that each one of them lived up to their five-star status.  It’s no coincidence the three of the five that have been drafted all went in the first-round and the remaining two most likely will.  These were definitely the men among boys.
4.75-4.50 Stars – Andre Caldwell, Carlos Dunlap, Chad Jackson – Two receivers that came in together and a stud defensive lineman.  Caldwell left Florida as the career leader in receptions and Jackson left with the single-season record.  Dunlap will test the NFL waters after a dominant junior year.
4.25-4.00 Stars – Ciatrick Fason, Will Hill, Matt Patchan – Fason might have had a chance at a place higher in the rankings had he not left after his junior year and Hill and Patchan are still fighting hard to realize greatness.  Hill’s only knock is having to split playing time, but five-star status may be in sight as he gets on the field more in 2010.  If Patchan is left at one position, he could still blossom into a star.
3.75-3.50 Stars – Omar Hunter, Dee Webb – Realistically, Hunter gets an incomplete at this stage in his career.  With years still ahead of him, he will have plenty of chances to shine.  Webb was another one of those that could have cashed in on greatness with one more year.  As it was, he was consistent, but rarely spectacular for three seasons.
3.25-3.00 Stars – Joe Cohen, Carl Johnson – There was talk for a while at trying Cohen out as a power back, so that may have slowed his development, but in the end he was an important part of the defense, just never a true star.  Johnson has one final year to pull it all together.  He’s been good, but not great just yet.
2.75-2.50 Stars – Torrey Davis – Davis probably gets more credit than he deserves for one spectacular play.  In the end, he left Florida after never becoming the player he was expected to be and spending most of his time in the doghouse.
2.25-2.00 Stars – Carl Moore, Cameron Newton, James Wilson – Moore and Wilson still have a chance to prove themselves, but they may not become more than solid athletes.  Newton on the other hand still has a chance to be great, but if he does, it will be while wearing the orange and blue of a different SEC school.

Game Preview: Arkansas Razorbacks @ Florida Gators – 3:30

10 things for today’s Florida/Arkansas matchup…
1. Unleashing the offense.  Florida actually ranks sixth in both total yards per game (thanks to being second overall in rushing yards per game) and points scored per game, but sometimes it really doesn’t seem like it.  Look at games against Tennessee and LSU and you would think the Gator offense is all about efficiency and just getting the job done and not making mistakes.  Against everyone else, the Florida O looks to be on full kill mode.  It’s hard to figure out which offense you’re going to get when.
2. Unleashing the offense 2.  Arkansas’ defense isn’t having the best year and gives up nearly 30 points and 400 yards per game.  The Florida offense is the best they’ve faced so Urban Meyer and company need to show the nation that.  While the Gator defense should be able to keep the Razorback offense in check, Arkansas will still score.  Their high-powered offense won’t shut down completely regardless of how good Florida’s D is.  So the offense needs to make up for it.  This needs to be a 500-yard day.
3. Random Omarius Hines fact: Hines doesn’t watch sports or follow college football and has a mean love for cereal.
4. A certain running back needs carries.  Lots and lots of carries.  Florida needs to get Chris Rainey the ball (admit it; you thought I was going to say Emmanuel Moody).  Of the big three Florida running backs, Rainey has the lowest yards per carry, but before you ask why he should get more carries then, remember that number is 7.8.  Yes, both Jeffery Demps and Moody rush for more yards per carry, but Rainey is a spark and, like Demps, you never know when he’s going to break one.  Last year against Arkansas, Rainey went for 103 on only 10 carries.  Give him the ball.
5. Okay, okay.  I might as well add something about Moody.  Did you know that true freshman fifth-string running back Mike Gillislee has only seven less carries than Moody despite not appearing in two full games?  Convinced Moody needs the ball more yet?
6. With that, I might as well say something else about Hines too.  Hines and the player that was supposed to be the number one receiver (Deonte Thompson) have both had catches in two of the five Florida games.  Hines has three more catches for 48 more yards than Thompson.  Just saying.
7. The offensive line has to have a huge game.  With the loss of Matt Patchan for the season, depth may become a serious issue for the Gators.  The offensive line needs to have a big game and protect Tim Tebow while opening holes for the running backs.
8. Jonathan Phillips can’t be the most content Gator on the roster.
9. It’s Carlos Dunlap’s turn.  Brandon Spikes was called out before the LSU game and came up big.  Dunlap on the other hand continued to very quietly contribute.  With the passing offense Arkansas has, it’s Dunlap’s turn to break out.  #8 needs to live up to this talented.  He’s easily one of the best defensive players in the nation, but so far this season he hasn’t shown it.  Now is as good a time as ever.
10. Last season, Florida was coming off a loss before facing Arkansas.  The win over the Razorbacks started the Gators off on a ridiculous tear through the rest of the season.  It would be nice to see that happen again.

Game Preview: Florida Gators @ LSU Tigers – 8:00

10 things for tonight’s Florida/LSU matchup…

1. Be prepared to be force fed concussion information all night. Think you heard a lot about Tim Tebow’s brain over the past two weeks, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There will be replays of the hit. Comparisons between his concussion and famous concussions of the past (Jim Leavitt started sounding like your great-grandfather when he yells after slipping on pickle juice and hitting his head on a kitchen counter…bet you didn’t know that). If Tebow doesn’t play, he’ll be shown no less than 1,000 times. If he does, 10,000. Start or not, John Brantley MCMXIV will get more TV time than LeGarrette Blount ringside at a prize fight. What concussion means (it has something to do with the effects on the mind Superman experiences when faced with kryptonite). And of course, if Timmy plays and doesn’t have the best game in the history of any college football player EVER, we’ll hear all about how he should be at home in his bunk bed snuggly under his Walker Texas Ranger sheets (Tebow sleeps on both the top and bottom bunks because he can).

2. Maybe Urban Meyer doesn’t give Emmanuel Moody as much time as a running back with over 10 yards per carry should get because he has him confused with this guy. If so, I get it. You can’t possibly carry a football with hooves. But if not, we’ll just assume the reason has something to do with the fact that Meyer can’t catch Jeffery Demps to tell him he’s not starting. In case you didn’t now, him fast.

3. Random Omarius Hines facts: Hines caught 23 touchdown passes as a high school junior and he likes Star Crunch Cosmic Snacks.

4. Deonte Thompson can catch the deep ball. Deonte Thompson will catch the deep ball. Deonte Thompson can say the deep ball. Deonte Thompson is the deep ball. Hamstring be damned. Deep ball.

5. LSU bruiser back Charles Scott rushed for more than 100 yards in four straight games before facing the lean, mean, orange and blue machine in 2008. Scott’s line: 12 carries, 35 yards, 2.9 per carry, 1 catch, 8 yards, headache, loss, disappointment. In 2009, Scott has done what he can to kill whatever draft potential he had. He has yet to have more than 95 yards in a single game and now faces the team that seems to know how to stop that train.

6. Apparently Tim Tebow has some sort of head injury. We’re not sure if it’s serious, but there’s a sick, twisted rumor out there he might not play. I blame the internet. This has to be some sort of elaborate web hoax, like, you know, global warming, the war in Iraq, or signs of intelligent life in Alabama.

7. Pouncey-Squared must take control of the offensive line. Keep Marcus Gilbert at least 10 years away from whoever quarterbacks at all times. Keep James Wilson on the field for the entire game (there’s no Matt Patchan to sub in; he caught a nasty case of the ACLs). Keep Carl Johnson knowing his job is that much more important if a right-handed QB is back there.

8. We like Ciron Black. Scratch that. We love Ciron Black. Ciron Black = good people. Tonight Jermaine Cunningham and Carlos Dunlap must make Ciron Black their personal play toy. We’ll resume loving Ciron Black on Sunday morning.

9. Pray for a Brandon Spikes unsportsmanlike conduct-induced punt shank. If we see #51 booting the ball off the side of his foot as fans everywhere run for cover, it means Florida is up big and LSU’s chances of keeping alive that streak of home, night wins alive have gone the way of a Ron Zook contract extension.

10. What’s that? Tim Tebow is hurt?!? Gotta go…