Florida/Tennessee Week Collides With The Life Of A Part-Time Blogger

I love Tennessee week. When the Florida Gators release their football schedule every year, I mentally circle the Tennessee game. The college football season begins two weeks prior, but this is it’s true start. The Gators have gone through a few games already, but week three typically brings the Volunteers while opening the SEC schedule. This season was a little different due to the conference expansion, but even so this is the week where the rivalries begin. Georgia, LSU and Florida State will follow, but it begins with Tennessee.

As I’ve previously mentioned, this season is a different one for me and I couldn’t be happier. With that happiness comes a life that is busy, busy, and busy again. I’m not complaining, and never would, but it means there are sacrifices to be made when it comes to one of my many loves – The Bull Gator.

In the past, this week may have included a list of things I hate about the Vols. It definitely would have included a clip of Lawrence Wright. I couldn’t go without telling you how many times Peyton Manning beat Florida (uh, he didn’t). And there would have been an overwhelming number of poorly constructed jokes lobbed in Tennessee’s direction.

This year, things are different. You’re getting the first post of the week on day three. Or, more accurately, on night three. My priorities have changed. Add that to the fact that, as you surely know at this point, this isn’t my job. It’s my hobby, and not my only one. I have a “day job” I actually enjoy and it keeps me busy. Then I come home to the most badass two-month old I’ve ever known. Put that all together with the fact that my brain has started to turn itself off before 10:00 on a typical night, and you get a part-time blogger that loves this week more than most others, but doesn’t have the time to say it.

Know, though, that I’m no less of a fan. I’ve spent the week with a raised level of hatred directed at that other orange. I can hardly contain my excitement for what will come on Saturday. Anticipation each season reaches a high around this time. It’s there for me. I feel it like all of you do. I’m ready for Saturday and I can only hope the Gators are too. They’re in for a challenge and there’s plenty more to say to that, but other things call for my attention at the moment.

Updates are erratic and come either rarely or in bunches, but know I’m with you yelling Go Gators! It’s Tennessee week and I proudly hate alongside of all of you.

Okay, okay. Here’s the clip. Right around the two-minute mark is where things get beautifully nasty.

Florida Gators Video Of The Day: Danny Wuerffel Tribute

The Gators Video of the Day (GVOD) features, you guessed it, videos relating to the Florida Gators. They could be Gators athletes or homemade videos made by fans like ourselves. If you have any suggestions for GVOD, email me at evandagator@gmail.com or TBG at onegameback@gmail.com. We will try our best to live up to the “of the day” part of the title.

Many of you miss “Danny” as you call him. You watched Danny Wuerffel lead the Florida Gators to a National Championship, and you also saw him win a Heisman. Some of your best memories come from his duelings with Peyton Manning and Tennessee. The Wuerffel era was one of the best sports times of your life.

But for me and many others who where born in the 1990s and were simply too young to efficiently follow the Gators at the time, we missed the era. Instead, we grew up in the Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer era. As I wrote this post up, I couldn’t even spell “Wuerffel” correctly. I’d like to blame this mistake on the generation gap.

Of course, it is always great to look back at the players who made it great to watch and somewhat built up Gators sports. One of those players was Danny Wuerffel. Even though I didn’t grow up watching him, through a quick highlight tape or by watching one of his games, I can tell that he was great.

Wuerffel was truly one of the greatest Gators ever. What were some of your best “Danny” memories? Other 90s memories? What made him so special as a player?

Tennessee Launches Eric Berry for Heisman Campaign

Not since Peyton Manning’s final year as a Vol has Tennessee officially promoted one of their players as a Heisman Trophy candidate. But not since Manning have the Vols had a player like Eric Berry. Even as a Gator, I can respect the supreme amounts of gridiron talent Berry brings to the field on every play. He may play for the enemy, but take in all of Berry at the college level while you can. He’s something special.

Berry enters 2009 as the SEC’s all-time interception return yardage leader and is only one 15-yard return away from claiming the NCAA record. To say quarterbacks fear him is an understatement. There have even been whispers he might be used on offense this year. I’m not sure if that’s the best idea for Vol coaches to be mulling around, but I guess the offense needs to get in the end zone somehow. And if they really expect him to be worthy of the stiff-armed statue, they might need him to do more than just play defense.

I can’t help but be reminded of another famous Heisman campaign. “Kane is Able.” The pressure of being touted a legitimate Heisman candidate got to Joe Kane and nearly ruined him. So much so that he turned to the bottle. Such a sad story.

No word on whether Tennessee has started officially promoting Berry’s younger brother Evan for head crossing guard yet.