The Long Snapper (2/1/10)

La Grange (La Grange, GA) quarterback Jamius Gunsby made it official this weekend.  He will sign with USF on National Signing Day.  Gunsby had previously mentioned if all went well on his official visit to Tampa, he would most likely commit to the Bulls.  The QB had a great time at USF and said he felt extremely comfortable with the school and the coaching staff.  If Evan Landi does indeed move to wide receiver full-time as rumors suggest, Gunsby could find himself as the primary backup to starting quarterback B.J. Daniels from day one.  Go back and take a look at Gunsby’s highlight video and get excited. Despite not receiving a lot of national attention, he looks like he could end up being a great player for the Bulls.
USF also picked up a commitment from Thomas County Central (Thomasville, GA) safety Reshard Cliett over the weekend.  Cliett is considering a diamond in the rough and had been recruited by Skip Holtz while he was still the head coach at ECU.  Although not highly recruited, Bulls’ coaches believe they have something of a project in Cliett.  With his speed and height (6’2”), USF may look to bulk him up and move him to outside linebacker.
Big time prospect Todd Chandler may be back in the mix for the Bulls.  After committing to Miami early in the process, Chandler made the switch to USF back in December.  Following the commitment, Chandler started to waiver.  He mentioned taking a number of official visits, but also said he remained committed at times.  Eventually, the defensive tackle dropped off of USF’s list and Louisville was rumored to be the leader.  Now Chandler appears to be done.  He has mentioned the recruiting process is over for him and on National Signing Day he will decided between USF, Colorado State, Louisville, and Syracuse.  Good money says the Bulls and Cardinals lead the pack.
The Senior Bowl didn’t give us the best picture of Tim Tebow the NFL quarterback: 8-of-12 for 50 yards with one carry for four yards and two fumbles.  After that “ehh” performance, we might as well do our best to talk up the former Florida star.  To many pro scouts, the actual game doesn’t matter.  It’s the week of practice they look at.  And while there were those teams that shied away from Tebow after seeing him in person, there were also those that noted he improved over the course of the week.  Not tremendously, but enough to make them think at the very least.  Tebow may never be a star quarterback in the NFL, but he could be turned into a contributor and someone who plays a large role in the offense.  It’ll be a long process, but Tebow showed he can learn.  20 years from now, we may not remember him as an All-Pro, Hall of Fame quarterback, but we may remember him as a solid force that helped his team do the most important thing.  Win.
For those of you who aren’t as obsessed as the rest of us, but still want updates, I’ll be typing away feverously throughout National Signing Day, but you have to do a little work to get it.  I’ll be providing updates as fast as my fingers allow on both The Bull Gator’s Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the day.  So become a fan or follow me and get updates on who ends up where.  For those of you not so inclined, the Twitter widget in the left of the two menu bars provides my last five updates, so make sure you come back here often.  I’m sure they’ll be a story or two posted afterwards as well.  And definitely make sure to come back throughout the week after National Signing Day as I profile each and every recruit who signs with Florida and USF.

The Long Snapper (1/27/10)

In the news which isn’t really news by any means department, former USF head coach and locker room enforcement supervisor Jim Leavitt has said he will coach again.  You mean he’s not going to call it a career after being ousted by the program he helped create after he attacked one of his players?  It was pretty (and painfully) obvious Leavitt would resurface eventually.  Whether it be this season or next, Leavitt will be back among the coaching ranks.  There were rumors he would end up with Bob Stoops at Oklahoma, but now Leavitt may have his sights set on the NFL.  Good luck getting into the face of a millionaire athlete at the professional level Jim.  Let us know how that goes.
The shining star in USF’s recruiting class – Manatee’s (Bradenton, FL) Brion Carnes – could be looking at all of his options as signing day approaches.  Throughout his recruitment, Carnes has reconfirmed his commitment to the Bulls several times, but now it’s crunch time and he may be uncertain.  A certain former Manatee star that played college football at Nebraska and made a quite name for himself has some pull with Carnes.  That player also just happens to be Carnes’ cousin.  When you think about what Tommie Frazier did with the Cornhuskers and now that program wants you, well, at the very least you listen.  Carnes will take his final visit to Western Kentucky and lists the Hilltoppers as one of his final favorites, but you have to think it will come to Nebraska or USF in the end.
The Tim Tebow Senior Bowl parade continues as the quarterback met with a number of teams while battling a case of strep throat or not strep throat depending on who you want to believe.  One of the more intriguing meetings came when Tebow sat down with former Notre Dame head coach and current Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis.  Talk about a place where I’d like to be a fly on the wall.  Would love to hear Tebow’s thoughts of Weis and vice versa.  Good to see Weis back where he belongs.  As an assistant.
One week from today is National Signing Day.  Hopefully that means everyone will be inked up to their school of choice and we won’t get the Terrelle Pryors and Bryce Browns of the world that extend the process out further.  Signing Day is a diehard’s Christmas.  For the most part, schools have locked up the bulk of their recruiting classes, but there are always some surprises.  Last year, Florida pulled in Josh Evans and Jelani Jenkins on Signing Day.  In 2008, it was T.J. Lawrence and David Young.  With commitments coming earlier and earlier every year, it’s not the marquee day it once was, but it still holds its own.
A look at recruiting and the effects of the process on Todd Chandler.  Chandler – a defensive tackle from Miami Northwestern – dreamed of playing for Miami and went as far as committing to the Hurricanes while he was a junior in high school.  As the process went on, the positive feelings from Miami went away.  Chandler decided USF would be a better fit until Leavitt was shown the door.  Now, with a week left, Chandler is open to where he ends up.  A familiar friend – Charlie Strong – could have positioned Louisville at the top of his list though.  Just another reminder that this is really all a business.