What to Watch – Week 11

It finally feels like fall in my part of the world.  A little deep into the football season, but nice nonetheless.  Finally the right weather for the sport.
Michigan @ Wisconsin – 12:00 – Has the Rich Rodriguez countdown begun?  Could he resurface at, say, a school like Louisville in a couple of years?  A 5-5 record with the Badgers and Ohio State left on the schedule isn’t the barrel of the gun you want to be looking down.
Tennessee @ Ole Miss – 12:00 – The Rebels are favored so I’m calling for the Vols to pull off the upset.  Although, I don’t really see it as an upset.  I’m only one of probably a million that thought Ole Miss was overrated way back at the beginning of the season.  As a Florida fan, I’m required to mention something about Nu’Keese Richardson getting arrested, aren’t I?
Clemson @ NC State – 12:00C.J. Spiller is the only reason you need to watch.  Unless of course you don’t like big plays.
Florida @ South Carolina – 3:30 – In case you weren’t wearing a helmet and fell off your BMX, Steve Spurrier used to coach the Gators.  True story.
Stanford @ USC – 3:30 – The Trojans haven’t lost 3 games in a season in who knows how long.  They’re 1 loss away from that total now.
Iowa @ Ohio State – 3:30 – This matchup was a lot more interesting before the Hawkeyes season of comeback miracles came to an end last week.  Now?  Ehh.  To be honest, there are other 3:30 games I’d rather be watching.
Miami @ UNC – 3:30 – Is Butch Davis in a similar situation at UNC as Spurrier is at South Carolina?  This was supposed to be a better season for the Tar Heels.  Not that 6-3 is bad, but Davis was supposed to get them closer to the top of the ACC.  Don’t think that happens anytime soon.
Alabama @ Mississippi State – 7:00 – I heard someone say this game was on their upset alert.  I just don’t see it.  Bama may makes things interesting (much like a certain team in Gainesville) more than many expected this year, but I think the Tide add to their win total on Saturday.
Arizona @ Cal – 7:00 – The Golden Bears sure like to lose with style when they do this season.  Cal has lost by 17 or more in all 3 of their defeats.  The Wildcats on the other hand have lost 2 by a total of 13 points.  For some reason, I’m picking Cal.  Don’t ask me why.  I don’t make sense.
Auburn @ Georgia – 7:00 – Because the only thing better than one 7:00 SEC game between a team from the state of Alabama and a team with the nickname Bulldogs, is 2 7:00 SEC games between teams from the state of Alabama and teams with the nickname Bulldogs.
Utah @ TCU – 7:30 – 2 ranked teams, no television coverage where I am.  Guess that means this shouldn’t be included on What to Watch.
Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh – 8:00 – A Notre Dame game not on NBC.  Interesting.  With each Irish loss, the Urban Meyer to ND rumors flare up again.

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