Will Muschamp Wants LSU To Remain On Florida’s Schedule

With the addition of Missouri and Texas A&M to the SEC, many discussions have centered around what schedules will look like in the upcoming years. Will the league go to a nine-game conference schedule? Will the divisions remain as is? Will annual cross-division rivals be scrapped? We don’t know which direction commissioner Mike Slive and the SEC will take, but we do know that head coaches are in support of some possibilities and against others.

Will Muschamp has his opinions and isn’t one to shy away from them and one of those opinions involves keeping LSU on the Florida Gators’ schedule.

“I like the every year playing LSU. I think that’s good. I think that’s good for the league. It’s two national programs with the recent success we’ve both had.” – Will Muschamp, Florida Gators’ Head Coach

Muschamp is also in favor of the current eight-game conference schedule and hopes the SEC sticks with it. Regardless, he wants LSU on the schedule. The rivalry that has developed in recent years coupled with the prominence of the game is just too much to throw away and turn into a twice-every-six-years affair.

There wasn’t long ago that I may not have agreed with this. I felt that the other Tigers – Auburn – presented a stronger rivalry and should be the permanent game. It could have just been a fan’s perspective, but that was the game I wanted to see continue. Over time, that feeling has lessened and I’m more than comfortable having Florida play LSU year after year. In fact, I look forward to it with increasing anticipation. The rivalry has intensified and the fanbases have recognized that.

I don’t hate LSU with the passion a diehard Florida fan hates Florida State or Georgia or Tennessee, but I don’t have that deepdown hatred for Auburn either. It’s more of a rival’s respect of sorts and the desire to experience good football. The game has developed an aura about it over the years and is something I look forward to annually. While I still feel a rise of sorts during the seasons Florida plays Auburn, the annually contest with LSU has climbed the charts.

My vote doesn’t count, but I’m with Muschamp on this. The eight-game vs. nine-game schedule is a different argument, but keep playing LSU. The coaches want it, the players want it, and the fans want it. The SEC should want it too.

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